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Sorry you’ve hit this page. This is due to various dead links.

You see, we make money if you follow a few of these links. Unfortunately, various bookmakers have changed their terms and conditions on their sites, meaning it’s become harder to go. Here’s bookmakers that take Wrestling Bets, but we won’t cover on this site anymore.

Paddy Power

Despite having a long standing relationship with Paddy Power, they unceremoniously dumped me citing “poor quality traffic” in mid 2020.

Sky Bet

Affiliate Programme was shut down on October 2nd, 2017. To be fair, they did let us know that it was happening, so that’s something. However, it was one of our bigger payers and we have sent over £1,500 worth of business to them, before shutting down. So a bit miffed, really.


Urgh, these are poor.

Following the merger between Coral & Ladbrokes, both accounts (Coral & Ladbrokes) were deactivated in full. No warning, no note, nothing. Neither were big payers, but it was poor doing business with them.

I suggest you check out our latest Wrestling Bets and Odds Comparison page for bookmakers we recommend instead.