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WWE Survivor Series 2018 – Betting Tips

The final of the big 4 pay-per-views has rolled around. Survivor Series is finally here and although traditionally a “Big 4” show, unfortunately, it’s a bit quiet on the betting scene, with a few big players not having bets on at the time of writing. Nevertheless, we press forward, and we look to the markets.…

WWE Survivor Series 2018 – Predictions

So another year is slowly drawing to a close as another big 4 is now is taking place. The last of the traditional big four of the year – Survivor Series. Once again they’re manufacturing the Raw vs. Smackdown brand war out of nowhere, so with little build this is once again champions versus champions,…

WWE Crown Jewel – Betting Tips

As stated in the previous post (which I’m donating a penny for every word I write to Amnesty International UK – a charity dedicated to fighting human rights abuses all over the world – please donate what you can afford here), this Pay-Per-View is not going to be watched by myself. It also seems as…

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