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WWE Battleground 2016 – Betting Tips

You can tell this Pay Per View (or “Network Special” as they like to call them) is sandwiched between two huge Pay Per Views (in Money in the Bank and Summerslam respectively) as the betting markets aren’t quite as strong. I mean, they’re there, but they’re not as strong as the preceding and upcoming pay…

WWE Battleground 2016 – Predictions

What a month for WWE. Lots have happened since their crowned a new champion at WWE Money in the Bank, two of their biggest stars have been suspended (one after a foray into the UFC), and of course we have the draft which has divided this roster into two. Of course, this has meant that…

WWE Draft – Betting Tips

As mentioned on the Wrestling Betting Podcast Episode 4, we noticed that a bookmaker – 888 Sport, was taking bets on the WWE Draft. The draft, happening later on this month on July 19th, is a few days before WWE Battleground, so we’re going to have a bit of a bet on the draft and what happens. You…

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