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The New Look Wrestling Betting

Welcome to the new look Wrestling Betting! Over the last part of 2013, I have been busy beavering away on the new look site. It has been a resounding success both site wise and numbers and I’m proud of the community I’m building around this site, so I’m keen to help grow this site in…

WWE TLC 2013 Betting Tips

So….it appears my predictions were way off looking at the markets, with massive odds on the entire card accumulator. So I’ve had a bit of a think about it and readjusted my prediction. I’ve a feeling that Randy Orton will win in the main event, rather than John Cena. From watching the run up they…

WWE TLC 2013 Predictions

So, for the first time since I started the blog, my WWE Survivor Series predictions were spot on. Every match predicted, and every match came in. Which if you started with us at Wrestlemania 29, you will guarantee to end the year in profit. Superb. Nevertheless, we are aiming to maximise said profit! So TLC…

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