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WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 – Betting Tips

Happy Halloween weekend everybody! What better time for a Hell in a Cell Pay-Per-View (hell/halloween, d’yageddit?), but the hell that was No Mercy betting is slightly more heaven like with more bookmakers taking odds on Hell in a Cell. Both Paddy Power and 888Sport have markets open, but neither are taking accumulators, and both have a…

WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 – Predictions

There has been three huge weeks since our last show. Three! This is the second Raw PPV since the brand split, and whilst Raw has been rather strong, Smackdown has been the much more stronger brand even with a perceived weaker roster. I’m not entirely sure exactly what is happening with this PPV. It feels like…

WWE No Mercy 2016 – Betting Tips

Hello Everybody and welcome to our post on WWE No Mercy 2016 Betting Tips. Sadly this month the choice of bookmakers is dire, with only 888 Sport having any bets on at the time of writing for No Mercy. My advice would be to check them out, but you may get better odds at our usual…

No Mercy 2016 – Predictions

Another fortnight, another Pay-Per-View (yes I’m going for Pay Per View) even if that isn’t the case anymore. No Mercy is Smackdown’s second brand split PPV, and it has easily been the better show since the split. No Mercy has an intriguing, if unspectacular card. There are also some interesting stipulations that could make predictions…

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