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We have a remarkable return on our bets (at the time of writing, it was 180% return!), and we want to keep growing this. As such, we invite you to subscribe to our email newsletter.

You will get our wrestling betting tips (including all wwe betting tips) direct to your inbox, as well as our predictions as well.

Why Should You Subscribe?

  • Get the tips as they go live: The markets sway incredibly, and as such, visiting the site can lead to incorrect information. The easiest way to get the prices at the best time is by subscribing to us.
  • Get exclusive content (coming soon!): We are looking to introduce exclusive content from top writers in the next few months.
  • Get closer with the site: Unlike other sites,  we are wrestling fans too! So we love hearing from you and you can reply directly to us when we get the emails. We are responsive, and won’t ignore you!

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Use Gmail? Make Sure You Get Your Tips in Your Main Inbox

If you are using Gmail, then they split your inbox into three areas. Unfortunately, our emails appear to go into the “Promotions” area, which can lead to you missing our tips.

As such, if you drag our emails from “Promotions” to “Inbox” (indicated in step 1 in the diagram below), and then click the “Do this for future messages from info@wrestlingbetting.co.uk (indicated in step 2), you will get them indicated in your main inbox.


If you are unsure what to do, please contact us!