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WWE Payback 2017 – Betting Tips

So with Payback 2017 this weekend you’d expect the post-Wrestlemania drop off of betting firms taking bets. It’s happened a bit, but I expected much worse. Sure there isn’t the abundance of bets and a lot of firms aren’t taking accumulators, but there’s still bets to be placed. I’ve scoured the markets, and here are…

WWE Payback 2017 – Predictions

So here we are, moments after Wrestlemania and its time to settle some scores among the WWE locker room. Some of these scores have been “settled” many times now… but still – we go again! After the movement of some starts from RAW to Smackdown there are new feuds brewing and new storylines emerging –…

WWE Wrestlemania 33 – Betting Tips

It’s finally here. Hall of Fame was last night (seriously, check out Dean Ambrose – I want to put a bet on him being wasted at these events), NXT Takeover Orlando is tonight, and tomorrow is the granddaddy of them all – Wrestlemania 33. The build up has been a bit “meh”, but it could…

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