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WWE Greatest Royal Rumble – Betting Tips

Happy….weird event at a strange time! Yes, I’ve no idea what time to put this post up, so hopefully you will get it in good time for the odds. Yeah not having a pay per view at usual time has meant that I have had to change what time the newsletter gets sent out, as…

WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble – Predictions

A huge curve ball took place at Wrestlemania. Well, about 4 or 5 of them, but one of the hugest was the positioning of WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble. It was originally announced as a house show, but now WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble is now a fully fledged big show. The show is broadcasted live on…

WWE Wrestlemania 34 – Betting Tips

So, Happy Wrestling Christmas! It’s Wrestlemania weekend, and I’ve been seething with jealousy looking at the feeds of some of my friends out in New Orleans. But it’s the biggest weekend and it’s also the biggest weekend for wrestling betting. It’s not quite as big as it used to be but there’s a fair few…

Wrestlemania 34 – Predictions

It’s here folks, the biggest show of the year has finally arrived! The biggest stage of them all and the absolute ultimate goal for any WWE superstar is to climb up into that ring. This Sunday brings about Wrestlemania 34 and what a line up they have for us. I expect as always there will…

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