Hello Everybody and welcome to our post on WWE No Mercy 2016 Betting Tips. Sadly this month the choice of bookmakers is dire, with only 888 Sport having any bets on at the time of writing for No Mercy. My advice would be to check them out, but you may get better odds at our usual bookmakers so you may want to try there. So look at the bets and see if the odds at Paddy Power, Betfair, or Sky Bet are better but right now 888 Sport seems like your best option.

The card also seems pretty predictable, so there isn’t too many long odds, so I’ve had a look at some special markets as well in this post, that seems to be where the best value is.

AJ Styles to beat John Cena & Dean Ambrose (El Jugador’s Pick)

For AJ Styles to retain, it’s a 1/10 at 888 Sport, a result I can see happening. They won’t switch the title off him this early.

This match also has El Jugador’s Pick, which is who I think will be pinned. Dean Ambrose I can see taking the fall, and this has great odds at 13/10 at 888 Sport.

Becky Lynch to beat Alexa Bliss

Another new champion against their first challenger and I cannot see the challenger gain the title. The markets agree with me as Becky Lynch is a paltry 1/20 at 888 Sport to retain the title.

The Usos to beat Heath Slater & Rhyno

One championship I can see changing hands is The Usos beating Heath Slater & Rhyno. This one the bookies are not quite as sure about as, right now, they are 8/25 to win at 888 Sport.

Randy Orton to beat Bray Wyatt

One match in which I’ve gone for the underdog is Randy Orton beating Bray Wyatt. Surprisingly, the eater of worlds is the favourite, with Orton being Evens at 888 Sport.

This match I’ve also gone with a bit of outside interference, where you can get odds of 8/13 at 888 Sport for this to happen.

The Miz to beat Dolph Ziggler

For The Miz to retain and Dolph to retire it is odds of 3/5 at 888 Sport. I’ve also gone that the match will go long, over 14 minutes, which has odds of 17/20 at 888 Sport.

Nikki Bella to beat Carmella

One match added recently was the first match in the feud between Nikki Bella and Carmella. In this match I’ve gone for Nikki to win, and the bookies agree with Nikki at 3/10 at 888 Sport to beat Carmella.

Baron Corbin to beat Jack Swagger

The pre-show match features Baron Corbin and Jack Swagger. For this I’ve predicted that Baron Corbin will win, which you can get odds at 1/10 at 888 Sport for this to happen.

Betting On The Underdog?

It may be worthwhile though betting on the underdog. There are matches there that could provide a shock, so the ones I’d be tempted to say are likely shocks are the following (along with the odds):-

Anyway, it may be worthwhile to change your bets on the above for one or two of these matches, because if one or two come off, you can win big.