Here are our WWE Fastlane 2021 Predictions.

WWE Universal Title

Roman Reigns (c) vs Daniel Bryan

I’d love it to see Bryan beat Reigns here – even by Edgeference – and create a Triple Threat match at Mania. I think it’s the most interesting result and would make the Mania match far more ‘up in the air’. But what I would like to see happen and what I think are going to happen are often very different things; especially in the wild and whacky world of Wrestlemania.

The most common outcome here is that Roman beats Bryan – presumably via some Uso based shenanigans. This then sets up the Spear Off between Reigns and Edge at Mania for the Universal Title (where Edge wins probably? Again – not sure I think that’s the best idea either)

Where does this leave Bryan? The stip of Edge and/or Uso being ‘special enforcers’ suggests that we could well get Uso vs Bryan at Mania (Bryan looking to get a win back over Uso)… but where does *that* leave Kevin Owens (who I’d assumed for a while was going to be the one to face Uso at Mania).

Reigns is a massive favourite here (1/16 at time of writing vs 6/1 for Bryan) and that probably explains why I’m more interested where this match leads than what the match itself is going to do. If a World Champ is 1/16 the result isn’t in question.

Prediction: Roman Reigns Wins

WWE Women’s Tag Team Title

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (c) vs Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks

Belair and Banks are heading into their Mania match and we’re still – for possibly the third show on the row – with the “Whacky Tag Champs going for the Tag Belts” angle that WWE do ever so much love to fall back on.

There is some benefit here as presumably Baszler or Jax get a pin over Belair or Banks – setting up a future challenge post Mania for the winner of the Smackdown women’s match. The odds however, are less clear…

Both teams are 17/20 – suggesting the bookies can’t separate them. Jax/Baszler gives an obvious route, but maybe this is about building up the Banks/Belair match in a different way. We could get not only the first world title match between two women of colour at Mania, but also a World Title match between the Women’s Tag Champs. It also sets up Asuka/Baszler at Mania which was hinted on RAW last week.

I think the first version is more likely though and was surprised to see how close the odds were. I’m sticking with my call, but maybe someone knows something I don’t.

Prediction: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler Win

Intercontinental Title

Big E (c) vs Apollo Crews

Much like the Women’s Tag Title match, the IC battle is one that the bookies are really struggling to call. Unlike the Women’s Tag Title match, I agree this is a tough pick.

Crews (militia guards and all) is the slight favourite at 3/4 against Big E at 19/20. You’re going to struggle to make any money on either man here and both bets would be a real risk. Crews is a good bet – his recent push and character turn suggests there’s a plan in place for him and the idea of him now winning the IC belt seems a well-trodden road.

However, I think the upside on Big E is higher (within the WWE) than Apollo. That’s not a knock on Crews, I don’t think there’s many people (if any) who have “more to give” than the former Mr Langston. The gut says that Big E’s IC reign isn’t ending and actually – the build up of Apollo has been (in part) to make the IC reign of Big E even more impressive.

To complicate the matter, I also think we’re going to see this exact match at Wrestlemania as well – whether it’s Big E getting his mandated rematch, or Apollo having a second shot. I think Big E wins here, Apollo is kept strong and continues to goad / attack Big E and then Big E beats the challenger for a second time at Mania. Where he goes after this reign (even if he drops the belt at Fastlane) will be very interesting.

Prediction: Big E Wins

Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus

Give them 10-15 minutes and just let them batter each other.

Much like many of the matches at Fastlane, it’s more about where does this match take us? How are we getting to our Wrestlemania conclusion after this match. Well; the question to this (slightly) rests of the answer to the question – WHAT is the Wrestlemania match is this building to?

We have a missing World Champion in Bobby Lashley on this card and there have been many rumblings that the World Title at Wrestlemania will be Lashley vs a returning Brock Lesnar… that’s a match I am interested in seeing, but can it happen?

I think IF Lesnar is available and willing, then I think we get Lashley / Lesnar. No idea where this leaves McIntyre (or Sheamus) which is a shame given the year Drew has had (a triple threat match is obviously possible, but feels less fun). However, if Lesnar ISN’T available, then I this becomes a de facto number one contender match. Because of that, I think Drew wins here.

Prediction Drew McIntyre Wins

Alexa Bliss vs Randy Orton

As much as Randy Orton has had his critics over the years, something he doesn’t get enough credit for is taking a loss to a ‘lesser’ star in an attempt to build them up. Who did Jinder Mahal beat for the World Title? Who did Mark Henry beat for his first World Title? (the latter of this ended up being more of a success).

With this in mind – I’m actually predicting an Alexa Bliss win. Orton is possibly one of the most untouchable wrestlers in all of WWE in that he could lose to everyone for months, and still then win the World Title (convincingly) in one match simply because he’s Randall K Orton.

The Fiend (or whatever bollix we get from Bray) is very likely to be facing Orton at Mania and – using a Bliss win VIA MAGIC – feels oddly the most fitting. Maybe it goes another way – Orton wins bullying Bliss and is then saved by Fiend – but there’s just something about Orton’s willingness to lose for a story feels like this is going to go a slightly different direction

Prediction Alexa Bliss Wins