Like Backlash last month, it’s slim pickings this month for WWE Pay Per Views. We’re down to two bookmakers taking bets on the Friday before the show: Paddy Power and Betfair. Also, it should be noted that neither are accepting accumulators so we’re doing the same as last month – picking the matches and comparing the odds. Dear oh dear. I am writing this post a little early, so it may be worthwhile to check the usual suspects: 888 Sport, Sky Bet & Ladbrokes before the show, but at the time of writing there is nothing there for them. Nevertheless, here are our WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Betting Tips.

WWE Clash of Champions 2016 Betting Tips – Match by Match

I’ve put £1 on the below bet each, but gone for 11 bets overall, so a little more than usual.

TJ Perkins to beat “The” Brian Kendrick

For TJ Perkins to retain the Cruiserweight Championship (which I can see happening as he has just become champion) is 1/5 at both Paddy Power and Betfair.

Nia Jax to beat Alicia Fox

In the glorified squash match on the pre show the best odds you can get for Nia Jax to beat Alicia Fox is 1/8 with Paddy Power. You can only get 1/12 with Betfair.

Kevin Owens to beat Seth Rollins

For the main event for the Universal Championship, the best odds you can get for Kevin Owens to beat Seth Rollins is a surprisingly high 1/2 with Paddy Power. Betfair has the odds of 1/3.

The New Day to beat Gallows & Anderson

For The New Day to retain their tag team championships, it is both 7/4 with Betfair. At the time of writing they suspended betting on The New Day to win with Paddy Power.

Roman Reigns to beat Rusev

For Roman Reigns to beat Rusev (remember he doesn’t have to become US Champion through this, but I suspect he may), the odds are 4/7 at both Betfair and Paddy Power.

Sami Zayn to beat Chris Jericho

Taking a bit of a punt here, and for Sami Zayn to beat Y2J the best odds are 6/4 with Paddy Power. You can get 5/4 with Betfair.

Sasha Banks to become Women’s Champion (El Jugador’s Pick)

For Sasha Banks to regain the Women’s Champion and to win the triple threat, seems silly money at 11/2 with both Paddy Power and Betfair. This is my El Jugador’s Pick.

Sheamus to beat Cesaro

For Sheamus to beat Cesaro and win the best-of-7 tournament is 2/5 at Betfair. You can also get 3/10 odds with Paddy Power.

WWE Clash of Champions Betting Tips – Special Bets

Surprisingly, there are a lot of special bets for WWE Clash of Champions. As a result, we’ve gone with a few of these, as I suspect at least one of these will come off.

First I’ve bet that Any Match will end with a DQ. There are 8 matches on the card and a number of title matches, so a DQ finish could occur. This bet is Evens with Betfair.

I’ve also gone for Over 1.5 titles to change hands on the night. In my above prediction I’ve gone for 2 titles to change hands, and this seems doable. This bet is 6/5 with Betfair.

Finally, I’ve predicted that Over 0.5 tables will be broken on the night. One match should have some sort of interaction with the announce tables, and it seems like a good value bet at 8/11 with Betfair.

Those are my betting tips. Have you any to share? Be sure to leave them in the comments. If anybody is going to Progress Wrestling’s: We’re Going to Need a Bigger Room! Show this week in Brixton Academy be sure to pipe up in the comments too. I will see you there!