Well, this is uncomfortable.

Like many people who are no doubt appalled by the horrific crimes committed at the Saudi embassy in Turkey, I’ve been toying with my moral compass on whether or not to cover the Crown Jewel Pay-Per-View on the site. I’ve spoken with a few readers, who have expressed an interest, but I’d thought I’d share my thoughts here.

Although we’re a betting tips site (again, a dubious point on the moral compass, but not illegal), I feel myself and the writers have a sense of morality based on the world, I’m a mid 30’s bloke who is open, honest and transparent at the end of the day. It has been asked that we cover the Pay Per View though, so I’d thought I’d share before what I’m up to on this.

I’m going to cover the shows. I’m going to cover the matches as we usually do. I don’t necessarily blame the talent for going – they’re in a tough spot. Hell, I don’t necessarily blame all the executives or shareholders who probably have toyed with it at a much higher scale, and it may have been taken out of their hands.

I’d like to point out I’m not personally watching Crown Jewel. I’m going to do something else to do. I’d probably watch Evolution again (it was brilliant, wasn’t it?), or watch what Pro Wrestling EVE put out as an alternative. I may even be doing what I usually do on a Friday Night – out in a bar in Manchester somewhere. Wrestling fans often get a bit unfairly labelled that their uncultured oafs that don’t have a moral compass. I feel that’s unfair at times so I urge you to instead check out Pro Wrestling EVE on Friday night for some badass action. And maybe even consider what we’re doing below.

We’re a betting tips site. We don’t actually take bets ourselves, but instead point you to markets where you can. We take a commission on this, it helps keep the site running and has a paid writer on the books. I’ve taken the decision to not promote our articles (such as this one) in our usual way for Crown Jewel. Usually they will be in a form of a tweet or two on @WrestlingBets. Instead I’ll be dedicating the usual promoting tweets to urge my followers to Donate to Amnesty International UK. Amnesty International is an organisation dedicated to improving the human rights of individuals all over the world. I’m also going to make a donation based on how many words I write over the next two posts at the fee of 1p a word. Right now, even before the posts have begun, I’m donating over a fiver. If you want to help as well please donate whatever you can afford here. Thank you.

So without further ado, and with a bit of a heavy heart, here are our Crown Jewel Predictions.

WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman

So the other big news on the men’s side was the horrible news with Roman Reigns, having to give up the WWE Universal Championship after winning it due to him contracting leukemia. Thankfully, there was a fairly easy fix – Brock/Braun/Roman triple threat is now a straight up singles match, with the winner being the new champion.

They cannot put the belt on Brock Lesnar again, can they? I feel like it could be something they would possibly do, but Braun seems to be the next in line behind Roman, and his quick face turn could lead to maybe a programme with McIntyre – who everybody seems high on.

Prediction: Braun Strowman

WWE Championship

AJ Styles (c) vs Daniel Bryan

Urgh. I’ve already shared my thoughts on how I’m not a fan of this, this match would be the one I’d actually really want to watch. Hopefully it’s a programme rather than a one off match, and this is the weakest match of the lot.

Rumours are abound if even Daniel Bryan attends the event at all, as alongside Cena he seems the most likely to drop out – Smackdown this week should tell you if he is or not. Nevertheless if the match goes ahead, I cannot see them sticking the championship onto Daniel Bryan here, especially with AJ Styles getting close to CM Punk’s record. I’m beginning to think that AJ will hold it up until Wrestlemania next year. So AJ to retain. Even if he doesn’t face Daniel Bryan.

Prediction: AJ Styles

D-Generation X vs. The Brothers of Destruction

Urgh, this is depressing.

The match between Triple H and The Undertaker at Super Show-Down was an abomination. Four incredibly old participants and it was uncomfortable to watch. I don’t blame certain individuals (Shawn mainly) for being involved, but this won’t be good.

I feel like with Kane on The Brothers of Destruction’s side, I feel like he will be the weak link and take the loss. Shawn shouldn’t be losing his first match back, and they’ve positioned D-X as the faux, babyfaces here.

Prediction: D-Generation X

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship

The Bar (c) vs. The New Day

Recently on Smackdown, The Bar gained the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships against The New Day. It kind of came from nowhere, as it wasn’t expected.

To be honest, this seems like it’s rather thrown together, so let’s go for the champs to retain.

Prediction: The Bar

WWE World Cup

I’m not sure really how to cover this. I guess a good way to cover “The WWE World Cup” (which – as you know – features 8 Americans, because why not?), is to focus on the original matches. Lets be honest, they’re not that much to write about as they are just drawing names out of the hat, as well as a prediction for the actual winner.

I’ve gone for Seth Rollins to win The WWE World Cup. He seems like he is in prime position to be the #2 babyface now that Roman Reigns is gone for a while. Him vs Ambrose could be the best way to headline Wrestlemania on the male side, at least. But onto the opening round.

Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins

As said, I’ve gone for Seth Rollins to win.

Prediction: Seth Rollins

Kurt Angle vs. Dolph Ziggler

One of the nicest things to come from this whole torrid mess is the “World Cup Battle Royal” that saw Kurt Angle, as a conquistador, win.

Angle cannot go three times in one night, so Ziggler to win.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Jeff Hardy vs. The Miz

Both the Smackdown matches seemed thrown together. I thought Hardy had retired now?

Prediction: The Miz

Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey should win here. He is a legend that can still go.

Prediction: Rey Mysterio

Anyway, those are our Crown Jewel predictions. What are yours? Please leave them in the comments!