Well the WWE have been interesting recently, hasn’t it?

After probably the most disappointing Royal Rumble ever, WWE had been apparently forced into multiple rewrites of storylines due to the apparently displeasure with the current storylines. Which makes this PPV impossible to call.

It’s obvious what everybody who is not in the WWE wants – Daniel Bryan to win the strap at Wrestlmania. The problem is, I think WWE is beginning to realise they screwed up the booking. Which leaves with a massive problem – just how do you get Daniel Bryan into the main event at Wrestlemania, and avoid the crowd completely dumping over the main event?

Couple that with CM Punk taking his ball and going home, WWE is in disarray, and that makes betting predictions hard! So with that said, here we go.


WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Randy Orton © vs John Cena vs Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan vs Cesaro vs Christian

The main event is the Elimination Chamber, and I cannot really predict it.

One person who has come across brilliant in the last month has been Randy Orton – he’s finally added a few strings to his bow with his character. He started aggravating the crowd, which is so welcome as a heel. However, I’m unsure whether he will come out of this match as champion, as a Bastista vs Orton match seems so dull.

Christian doesn’t seem like a winner, neither does Cesaro or Sheamus. Cesaro seems to be an outside shot for a surprising champion, as he has had quite a nice push recently. Cena seems to go against Bray Wyatt.

And that leaves Bryan.

I don’t know about Bryan. He seems to be getting a better reaction again, and WWE have hit the panic button a little bit. Personally I don’t really want him winning, but probably involved in the last two, possibly as a screwy finish. Which could leave the door open so he’s in the main event. Personally though it’s a mess the running into Wrestlemania. So I’ve no idea. Orton? That may change when I see the odds.

Prediction: Randy Orton Win


Intercontinental Championship Match

Big E © vs Jack Swagger

Another name change that happened recently is the drop from Big E Langston to “Big E”. Not entirely sure why, as out of Cesaro & Big E, they are two people that don’t quite follow the “Firsty McLastname” that is popular of NXT graduates.

Swagger became Number 1 Contender on Smackdown in a rare of occasions – a #1 Contendership Match! Haven’t seen one of those in a while, but it’s nice to get a match that actually means something, even if there were 3 faces and one heel in the match which made it a foregone conclusion.

I cannot really see Big E losing this one, although they have a bit of build up, I do think eventually they’ll be splitting the Real Americans, or even just a face turn. Cesaro is becoming rather popular, and Swagger is holding him back a bit. So Big E to retain.

Prediction: Big E to win


The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family

Ironically, probably the most over feud coming into the Elimination Chamber is the battle between the two heel factions: The Shield and The Wyatts.

Bray Wyatt came out of the Rumble as a superstar – having the match of the night with Daniel Bryan (and it wasn’t just Bryan) and getting involved in the title match, so although Harper & Rowan are a bit lost at the moment, Wyatt is coming across as a star.

The Shield I’m not 100% sure exactly what is happening. Forever a team, they now are beginning to shine as singles. With Reigns eliminating both Rollins and Ambrose at the Rumble, and dissention is teased, but then it isn’t, so I’m unsure exactly what’s happening.

Nevertheless, if Bray is going up against John Cena at Wrestlemania, it makes sense for The Wyatt’s to look strong, as The Shield don’t need to win (or can tease dissention).

Prediction: The Wyatt Family Win


Batista vs Alberto Del Rio

And here’s a one sided feud if ever there was one.

Batista has signed a 2 year contract, with a rumour of a Wrestlemania Main Event Payoff as key in the negotiations, so Batista came back, blew wind for ten minutes, and won the match. Which went down like a lead balloon. I’ve never seen a crowd so toxic than at the Royal Rumble.

Del Rio though is on the way out if you believe the dirtsheets, and even though it is a rumour, Del Rio is looking weak. With The Animal headlining Wrestlemania, it makes this match interesting viewing. It can’t be that bad, can it?

Prediction: Batista Win


Darren Young vs Titus O’Neil

One feud that has been given time to develop on the side was the fall of the Prime Time Players.

Kept entirely off Raw, the feud between Darren Young & Titus O’Neil has been developing nicely on Smackdown, with a match started at the Elimination Chamber between the two individuals was signed for Elimination Chamber recently.

I fancy an O’Neil win. The guy is the stronger character of the two and seems to be getting more of a push.

Prediction: Titus O’Neil Win


WWE Tag Team Championsip

The New Age Outlaws (c) vs The Usos

A surprise last month was The Outlaws once again becoming tag team champions as they beat The Rhodes Brothers surprisingly in the Royal Rumble kick off.

I have a feeling that The Outlaws are a transitional champion,  but am a bit confused why they haven’t pushed this to Wrestlemania, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say The Uso’s will win, but it’ll be some sort of shenanegans, probably by DQ.

Predicition: The Usos Win


The Rhodes Brothers vs Rybaxel

On the kickoff show, once again is The Rhodes vs Rybaxel. Two teams that despeartely need a win.

I’m not entirely sure who will win, but it seems to be the case that faces win rather than heels in the pre show when titles aren’t the line. For that logic only, The Rhodes to pick up the win.

Prediction: The Rhodes Brothers

These are my predictions, but what are yours? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.