This month is the Elimination Chamber, and we’re back to the usual suspects offering bets on Wrestling. Which is a shame. WWE hasn’t really helped as there’s only 5 matches “announced”, one is in limbo with Lacey Evans’ pregnancy (so no odds on that), and the other is a bit weird to bet on (Reigns’ match). So our betting picks are all bets available. Sorry about that. Here are our WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Betting Tips.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Betting Tips

First off, the weakest bet. I’ve gone for Roman Reigns to retain the Universal Championship. They are not taking the belt off him before Wrestlemania, especially with a possible Edge match on the horizon, so this seems the most likely. Odds suggest it. The “Best” odds are 1/14 with Betfair in the UK. There’s no international bets for this market.

Next up, we’ve gone for the second weakest. Drew McIntyre to retain the WWE Championship. Similarly to the Tribal Chief, the Scottish Psychopath is unlikely to drop his championship before Wrestlemania. The odds are a bit less in Iron Drew’s favour than Reigns, and the best odds are 4/11 with Betfair in the UK and 1/3 with and internationally.

Next up, we’ve gone for Bobby Lashley to retain the US Title. I’m not invested in this feud, despite the participants, and with Keith Lee apparently in the dog house and Matt Riddle also not in the good books, I can see them keep the title on Mr Lashley. The best odds are 4/9 with Betfair in the UK and 4/7 with outside the UK.

Finally, the biggie. Cesaro to win the Elimination Chamber. I feel that they’re building to Cesaro to have a solid programme at Wrestlemania, as it feels like with a crowd it’d be Kofimania part 2 this year. I’m not entirely sure where he shakes out to place on the Wrestlemania card, but the best odds are 13/8 with Betfair and 3/2 with both and on the global market.

Some International bookmakers are region locked, so be sure to check out International Wrestling Betting Partners.

Those are the best odds for all matches, what do you have? Please leave your betting tips in the comments!