Here are our WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Predictions.

Elimination Chamber for the WWE Title

Drew McIntyre (c) vs AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Kofi Kingston

WWE have thrown a bit of a curveball into this with the change from The Miz to Kofi Kingston. It’s a rare bit of intelligent character movement with The Miz; he has the Money in the Bank briefcase. He can have a World Title shot whenever he wants… why on earth would he go into The Elimination Chamber to try and win a title shot? (There’s reasons he *could* try to, but not a single one of them would fit The Miz).

Probably fair to scratch Styles & Hardy from the potential winners straight away, and probably Sheamus too. However, the bookies seem aren’t quite as sure about Sheamo as he is the second favourite (after Drew) to win. But why? If you’re putting the belt on Sheamus then you’re building – surely – to Drew vs Sheamus at Mania for the WWE Title. But, unless, Sheamus is the long term option then why hot shot the belt off Drew? And if Sheamus *is* the long term option, why not have him win it at Mania?

We’re surely getting Drew vs Sheamus at either Fast Lane or Mania (potentially both) but it’s more likely that McIntyre is the Champ in these matches more than the former SOS.

Kofi is massive odds but could still be worth a small bet. WWE do love trying to get lightning in a bottle (ala. Kofi Mania) repeated; Kofi will do very well here for this reason – and tease winning – but I don’t think he’ll do it. However; Orton is a possible winner. Partly – because it’s Orton – but also then you get a clear route to Orton vs Edge at Mania which has long been the rumoured plan. This is where you’d get the belt onto Orton to do it (have Sheamus cost McIntyre to kick that feud on).

I think it’s cleaner to keep the belt on Drew here, he’s a comfortable favourite. But I keep thinking that Orton could be worth – pun intended – a bit of a punt.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre Wins

Raw Women’s Title

Asuka (c) vs Lacey Evans

Once again WWE punishes me for trying to write these previews early and then plans are once again “subject to change” on Monday Night Raw. This is an ACTUAL LINE from my first draft preview… “the criticism is fair because the stories can be stale or stupid and because the plans aren’t always stuck to”. Yep. Ric Flair is Lacey Evans’ Baby Daddy.

Mania is going to be Charlotte vs Asuka, there’s no doubt about that and there’s obviously a possibility that Flair takes Evans’ place here. But you’ve got to assume that they leave this off until Mania.

Because of this, you’ve got to assume it’s a bit of a lock that Asuka wins here… but who’s the opponent? Honestly, I’m stumped. It would be a good opportunity to do a bit of an exhibition match here and have Asuka take on Io Shirai. If the company did time limit draws, that would be perfect. But they don’t.

It’ll probably be a squash where Asuka beats Billie Kay in 10 seconds. But regardless of who Asuka faces, she’s winning here.

Prediction: Asuka Wins

WWE US Title

Bobby Lashley (c) vs Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee

Odd one this as it does feel like a match that ‘could’ have gone on at Mania. There have been a number of rumours about Keith Lee joining – and taking a leadership role – in The Hurt Business and maybe this could have happened here. But it’s not happening at Mania… but maybe the story starts here.

My original thought was that Lee wins the belt here and then defends against Riddle at Mania – and does so whilst joining The Hurt Business having gained Lashley’s respect in this match. This works as a story.

However, the bookies are heavily backing Lashley to retain here so it’s worth keeping in mind when deciding to put money on it. When odds are heavily leaning one way, there’s usually a reason for this. There have also been a number of rumours about Lee’s position in the company this week – he missed the Rumble presumably due to Covid and wasn’t on last week’s RAW. It could be an intentional red herring, but I doubt it. I think we’re seeing why Lashley is the favourite.

Prediction Bobby Lashley Wins

Elimination Chamber

Jey Uso vs Kevin Owen vs King Corbin vs Sami Zayn vs Cesaro vs Daniel Bryan

Very heelish move here where the winner of the Chamber gets a Universal Title match, but it has to happen that evening. Why does it have to be that evening? Why has ‘WWE Management’ decided that this would be the best way for a Champion to defend their title? Well… because it’s Roman Reigns, I guess. That actually makes sense.

The stipulation and the champion in question does somewhat sign post the result here. Corbin and Zayn aren’t winning (although Zayn’s conspiracy victim gimmick would actually work great with him winning this and then getting crushed by Reigns)

The bookies have Kevin Owens as the favourite here, presumably because of his never ending feud with the Big Dawg. However, my advice is to skip the favourite here and look at options two and three (who are both giving decent odds). I think Owens goes out here directly because of Jey Uso – it’s a big part of why he’s in the match – a sets up Owens/Uso at either Fast Lane or Mania. Having already been screwed over before, the inevitable loss by whoever wins doesn’t feel like it would be as much as it could with Owens wins.

But if Cesaro or Bryan wins? That’s where it hurts. Especially if it’s Bryan. Bryan – who was rumoured to be winning the Rumble and then, err, didn’t – would sting if got crushed by Roman after tapping out Zayn or Corbin or Uso. Cesaro is a good shout for this as well as they’re just believable enough that they could be Reigns… but they won’t. With this in mind, I’m backing Cesaro to win – he’s slightly shorter odds than Bryan – and it helps him get positioned higher up the card, even in loss.

Prediction: Cesaro Wins

WWE Universal Title Match

Elimination Chamber Winner (TBC) vs Roman Reigns (c)

Whether he’s facing Cesaro, Daniel Bryan or Kevin Owens, the result remains the same… Roman Reigns wins. Because we don’t get to have happy things and the world is a miserable, sad, lonely place.

Enjoy the show!

Prediction: Roman Reigns Wins

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