In a week that’s been dominated by the sad news about Roman Reigns (seriously, get well soon champ), we focus on something that has been lost in the shuffle – WWE’s first all female Pay-Per-View. Evolution. In reality, this is a two match card: a match that is marquee and a decent match on the undercard. This makes it fairly tough to predict what will happen, but nevertheless we will endeavour to. Here are our WWE Evolution 2018 Predictions.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Nikki Bella

Sure, this is the marquee matchup, but unfortunately this may not be the best match out there, but in terms of spectacle, alas, in the women’s division, this can be no bigger.

Ronda has the UFC and global superstar behind her, but Nikki has the E! storylines and the reality TV behind her. It’s a clash of styles in the worst possible way. To be honest – I can only see Ronda coming out on top.

Prediction: Ronda Rousey wins

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Charlotte Flair

This is a last woman standing match, and could quite easily steal the card. Charlotte & Becky have charisma, are great in the ring, and can work well together. This is potentially match of the night.

Where do they go? Well, Becky’s got a few wins over Charlotte, so my guess may be this is the show that Charlotte regains the gold. The hope for the double turn due to the bitchiness of Becky towards legends, but I feel this is the first step to lock in the Wrestlemania Main Event: Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair Wins

WWE NXT Women’s Championship

Kairi Sane (c) vs. Shayna Baszler

So. I’ve a soft spot for Kairi Sane.

love her gimmick, the Pirate Princess is perfect for her. Love her music, love everything. So when she became NXT Women’s champion, I was delighted. The match made sense – she’s a wrestler, and won with a wrestling move. I am not going to lie: I cheered.

She faces perennial badass Shayna Baszler. Another member of the four horsewomen of MMA, who has been mean and cruel and is a wonderful heel. I feel Shayna is destined for the main roster. Where, I’ve no idea, but if that is to happen, Kairi will need to retain. Not sure how, but it will be a good one.

Prediction: Kairi Sane wins

Trish Stratus & Lita vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

Having two Attitude Era divas against Bliss & James is probably the right thing to do for all concerned.

It’s going to be interesting this one – Stratus’ return hasn’t been too impressive and Lita, well, she’s a bit off with timing, so Bliss & James are going to have to carry this match. Maybe even just James as Bliss is reported to have a concussion.

As a result, I cannot see anything but a Team Bestie’s win.

Prediction: Trish Status & Lita

Women’s Battle Royal

Onto the “Throw everybody into a Battle Royal” match. Some interesting names here – Alundra Blayze & Ivory in particular make their return to the ring after long absences. Taking out the free agent divas, with the possible exception of Michelle McCool, I can see any one of a number winning. However I’m going for Asuka to get revenge on the IIconics to set up Charlotte’s new challenger.

Prediction: Asuka

Sasha Banks, Bayley & Natalya vs. The Riott Squad

You may have noticed that I’ve not predicted many heels to win so far, so I can see this happening in this match. The Riotts have been largely jobber to the stars, and – I don’t know – something seems up with the opponents. So I’m going for a slightly risky prediction in The Riotts to win.

Prediction: The Riott Squad

Those are our predictions, what are yours? Please leave them in the comments!