Here are our WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Predictions.

WWE Universal Title / Raw Women’s Title – Winner Takes All Intergender Match

Seth Rollins © & Becky Lynch © vs Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans

We roll into what I believe is month three of me having to type out the same words: seriously, they’re not going to put the Universal Title on Baron Corbin and that point remains the same here. I do think that Lacey Evans could well be the one to eventually unseat Becky Lynch though, which makes this match stipulation interesting, but the sheer ridiculousness that they’d put the Universal Title on Baron Corbin from Seth Rollins AFTER HE BEAT BROCK LESNAR means that The Man & The Man’s Man are obvious favourites for this match (1/4 at time of writing)

Had it been “whoever takes the fall, takes the title” then I might have been tempted to say Evans was leaving with the title, but that’s not to be.

I think we can all agree that this would be the best place for Brock Lesnar to finally cash in his Money in the Bank contract – becoming both Universal and Raw Women’s Champion – just so that Wrestlemania 36 is headlined by Lynch vs Lesnar. Book it McMahon you coward.

Seriously though – Rollins and Lynch to win. No cash-in afterwards. New challenger for Rollins set up on RAW.

Prediction – Rollins & Lynch Win

The Undertaker & Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre

It’s hard to understand why WWE has brought Taker back for this run; the match with Goldberg was extremely hard to watch and whilst he remains one of the greatest ‘attractions’ that exist I’m unsure that a lower PPV like ‘Extreme Rules’ is the best use of The Deadman’s limited time left.

Given that WWE have brought him back for this, it feels hard to see that a result here which ends with The Undertaker losing this one – especially with The Big Dawg tagging with him.

The only possible mix here is Drew McIntyre. It was rumoured that Drew was on the list for possible opponents for the Undertaker so WWE might be taking a play from NJPW’s Booking style and having Drew beat Taker here to set up a 1 on 1 match at (presumably) Summerslam. It also ties in nicely with the new Owens / Shane feud that Shane can gloat about beating “both Taker and Roman in one night” whilst he gets battered by KO

So – in way – it actually makes more sense to have McMahon and McIntyre win here. It sets up more interesting stories. But that’s not WWE and there’s no way that Roman AND Undertaker lose here

Prediction: Undertaker & Roman Reigns Win

WWE World Title

Kofi Kingston © vs Samoa Joe

Kofi has really grown into his increased role as WWE Champion – it’s just a shame that his push was so ‘sudden’ and felt very much forced on WWE (as opposed to it being a long term plan) that his title reign seems to have a permanent feeling that “it could all be over soon” and that (despite how good he is) Kofi has that ‘paper champion’ tag.

Losing that is so much harder to do in these situations, but – credit to all parties concerned – they’re doing everything that they can to get over the hump. Beating the previously dominant US Champion Samoa Joe continues to add to it and I think (for now at least) that the continued development of Kofi Kingston : WWE Champion is the main plan, rather than the elevation of Samoa Joe.

I’m backing Kofi to retain here in a valiant effort before perhaps repeating this again in a future match. I think Kofi keeps the title to AT LEAST Summerslam where the most suitable opponent for him is perhaps one Randall K Orton…

Prediction: Kofi Kingston Wins

Smackdown Women’s Title (2 on 1 Handicap Match)

Bayley © vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

The stipulation added here throws up some thoughts to be had. Again, although *literally everything* can suggest otherwise at times, WWE do have a team of writers and tend to plan things out at times. We’re obviously heading towards a Bliss vs Cross feud (which should be fun), but how do we get there? And importantly, does the Smackdown Women’s Title come with them?

Bayley is the favourite on the night (5/7 currently) and there’s an obvious story to be had; both Bliss and Cross being in the ring at the same time leads to some confusion which the champ takes advantage of. However, I’m going to go against the odd makers one this one and suggest that you put a sound bet could be on a title change.

I personally loath handicap matches as it’s impossible to come out well for anyone – and is especially hard on someone losing if they have the bigger odds. All three women appear well liked in the WWE, so I think they’ll be looked after. I expect Bliss/Cross to win with Cross getting the pin and being forced to “hand over” the title to Bliss (leading to a long term feud with them). Next month would then be Bayley vs Bliss with Cross at ringside… and the story goes from there.

Don’t bet big as you’re going against the odds, but my prediction is below

Prediction – Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross Win

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Drew Gulak © vs Tony Nese

I’m a little surprised about this being the new Cruiserweight Title, although it is only ‘fair’ that Tony Nese gets his champion’s return match on a PPV. It’s been so long in coming that Drew Gulak finally gained the Cruiserweight Title, that I don’t see it coming to an end so soon against Nese. I’d picked Nese to retain last time as I thought WWE had given up on Gulak as champion, but I was wrong (and pleased for it)

I expect that Gulak wins here clean in good and solid fashion before setting up the new challenger (that I’d originally expected Nese to be facing here) over the next few weeks.

Not sure where Nese goes after this… but at 1/3 Gulak has some of the shortest odds of anyone over the night and for understandable reasons

Prediction – Drew Gulak Wins

Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Daniel Bryan & Rowan © vs Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker) vs New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E)

Essentially, until you have a great plan for Daniel Bryan as a singles wrestler, there’s really no need to take the title from the team I’m not stupidly referring to as a “Browan”. In a similar sense, New Day are so untouchable as a team – especially during Kofi’s Title reign – they can do without the titles as well.

With this all in mind, it leaves the team of “Heavy Machinery” who I’ve actually been increasingly impressed with. Their whole nu-bushwhackers (but bigger and considerably less Kiwi) shtick is entertaining and it wouldn’t be crazy to see them pick up the titles here; especially after a good show against Rowan and Bryan on the last show.

However, I’m still picking that the champs retain here – and so do the Bookmakers (“browan” are 5/8 favourites). But with two other teams in the match (New Day clean-sweeping the Titles could also be a feature possibility) don’t put money on this one

Prediction: Daniel Bryan and Rowan Retain

Aleister Black vs Cesaro

In another life, Tommy End vs Claudio Castagnoli would have been an amazing BOLA final, wouldn’t it? And because of that very obvious take – as well as the talents of both men involved – it’s fair to say that this match has so much potential to be the sleeper hit of the evening.

For those looking for stats, Black and Cesaro have never fought each other in WWE in a one-on-one match. Interestingly this is only the 3rd time that either man has EVER fought one another with each man picking up a win over 2 matches in Germany’s wXw in early 2010.

The odds for this match have The Dutch Destroyer as the odds-on favourite (5/7 vs Cesaro’s EVEN odds) which makes sense given the build up with Aleister Black looking for someone to pick a fight with him, and Cesaro apparently playing knock-a-door-run two weeks ago on Smackdown. It’s been an odd build – put the money on Aleister Black, but the surprisingly short odds for Cesaro suggest something else may be afoot.

Prediction – Aleister Black Win

WWE United States Title

Ricochet © vs AJ Styles

I’ve mentioned on the last few month’s predictions that – despite WWE often being lamented for having no direction or long term planning – it has felt that there has been a long term plan for the US Title. Although some of the players have changed (more on that later) it’s becoming increasingly clear that the end goal was to end up with AJ Styles as United States Champion.

As much of a fan as I am of Ricochet, I think he’s taken the place of one Rey Mysterio. Had Rey-Rey not been injured, it’s likely that AJ’s turn would have been on Rey; which makes sense – for an AJ turn to work, it has to be against someone who is universally accepted as a “good guy” otherwise someone as popular as AJ might still be cheered. It also makes sense this is why if Rey wasn’t around then someone equally as sympathetic as Ricochet becomes an automatic (and well chosen) replacement for him (and why you need a mid-point from US Champ Samoa Joe to “The Bullet Club’s” AJ Styles)

The odds for this match are really close (at time of writing Ricochet is 2/3 favourite) because although the end goal is likely Styles as champ, you could drag out Ricochet’s title reign til the next PPV. However, I don’t think that they will and The One & Only’s first US Title Reign is going to be a short one

Prediction: AJ Styles Wins

Last Man Standing Match

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley

This officially feels like the “men Vince McMahon wishes were more over with the audience than they are” match as BRAUN takes on Bobby Lashley in a Last Man Standing match… which gives a potential hint to the finish.

For whatever reason, WWE have never fully pulled the trigger on BRAUN – but – they’ve kept him well protected in the main. It’s very rare that Strowman loses and even rarer that it takes a pinfall. In fact, I can’t find evidence of Braun *ever* being beaten by pinfall in a straight one on one match outside of Brock Lesnar.

He has however lost a surprising amount of Last Man Standing matches – mainly to Roman Reigns. Because of this, beating Braun gives someone some extra cred which Lashley could do with; even if we get the screwy finish one would expect from a Falls Count Anywhere Match

I’m going against the odds again here – Strowman at 5/9 vs Lashley at 7/5 – but it’s definitely one to consider if you’re looking for a short gain

Prediction: Bobby Lashley Wins

WWE Raw Tag Team Title

The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson) © vs The Usos (Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso)

If you were feeling somewhat slighted that Tag Team under your employment had turned down a significant offer… if you were feeling worried that they might go over to a rival organisation where a ready made storyline (FTR) already exists… if you had a record of some petty behaviour as Vince McMahon has… how would you book this Tag Team on their way out?

Make them disappear? No. Have them look stupid on TV? Yep. Have them lose all the time? Too simple. Have them get the belts only to lose them on an opening match to a team who HAVE re-signed? Sounds more likely.

Sometimes being a fan of the wrestling scene both behind and in front of curtain can really suck. Storyline wise it would make more sense for Dash & Dawson to retain here – setting themselves up as an alliance with Shane and Drew vs. Roman and the Usos. But I don’t think that’s what we’re getting here. I think that the Usos are winning, they’re winning in under 10 minutes and it might involve whatever the Uso Deep Heat thing was called

Prediction: The Usos Win

Those are our predictions, what are yours? Please leave them in the comments below!