So, Extreme rules is this weekend, and unfortunately ever since lockdown the amount of betting markets that are open to us is quite minimal. Nevermind, we soldier on. There is value to be had in some places. So without further ado, here are our WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Betting Tips.

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 Betting Tips

First off we’ve gone for Apollo Crews to beat MVP. I cannot see there being a change of US Champion, as Crews is beginning to hit his stride and actually having a run. MVP doesn’t need the belt at this stage of his career, so I expect what “Legend” status for him to be used to put over Crews. The odds for this to happen are 1/3 with 888 Sport.

Next up I’ve gone for Seth Rollins to beat Rey Mysterio in the “Eye for an Eye” match. Not entirely sure where this goes here, everybody thinks that Mysterio will never be seen again. I remember though when Jake Roberts lost his vision he wore contacts, and Mysterio I assume could do the same. For this to occur the best odds are 11/25 with 888 Sport.

The final match I’ve gone for has been Sasha Banks to beat Asuka. I know, it’s a bit of an outside shot, but the logic Mick put forward in his post makes sense. Having half of the Women’s Evolution all dominating would be a great little storyline, and I could see hit happen. For this to occur the best odds are 2/1 with 888 Sport.

Finally, staying with that match. I’ve gone for Banks & Asuka to have a 3.75* or above match. Both are excellent competitors and it could quite easily be match of the night. So it’s a bit of a stretch, the best odds thought are Evens with 888 Sport.

WWE Extreme Rules 2020 – Match Bets

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Those are the best odds for all matches, what do you have? Please leave your betting tips in the comments!