Well – what a title! One can’t help thinking that WWE are taking a leaf out of the Progress Wrestling Book of Names with this one… anyone else? No? Just me? Ok then! Well either way – another PPV is upon us this weekend and with it come more predictions so lets get to it shall we? What have they in store for us this week?

WWE Universal Championship Match

Brock Lesnar (c) vs Samoa Joe

Now not many people can really stand up to Brock Lesnar and challenge him for his title belt… But after winning a fatal 5 way match Samoa Joe is in the hot seat to take this challenge. And let’s be honest – if anyone can give Lesner a run for his money it is going to be Joe. It will be an interesting match to see that’s for sure. I am not sure really that Joe has what it takes to de-throne the King of Suplex City – but I think he will give it his best shot and it will be entertaining nonetheless. I wonder if there is a book open on how many suplexes Lesnar will subject Joe to before the inevitable defeat?

Prediction: Brock Lesnar to win

Ambulance Match

Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

These two superstars go head to head in an ambulance match this weekend. For those rookies amongst you – that means that the winner is the superstar that manages to get his opponent in the back of an ambulance and shut the doors. Now these two aren’t new to an ambulance match and have faced each other before. Strowman has shown his strength getting Reigns in an ambulance and then proceeding to flip the ambulance over with Reigns inside. Reigns of course retaliated and put Strowman in an ambulance so they are now one a piece. This is the decider – decider to what I am not sure but obviously best out of three and all that! It stands to reason that it will be a brutal match up and to be honest there is nothing more that I would like than to see Roman Reigns locked away in an ambulance at the end of it!

Prediction: Braun Strowman to win

WWE RAW Women’s Championship

Alexa Bliss (c) vs Sasha Banks

These two go head to head for the RAW Women’s Championship this weekend. Sasha Banks has fought her way to the top of the opposition ladder ready to take on Alexa Bliss in a hope of winning back the title and becoming a four time RAW Women’s Champion. Alexa Bliss certainly hasn’t been making any friends in the WWE of late so there is a line of people ready and waiting wanting to take that title from her. Personally I still want it to go back to Bayley but I need to get over that as she isn’t in this match so I know for certainty that it isn’t going to happen – yet. I want with all my heart to root for Sasha Banks here I do – but I can’t help feeling that the WWE seem to prefer the biggest bitch of the moment to hold the title as long as possible…. is Alexa going to try and beat Charlotte’s reign of terror? Either way I don’t think she is letting go of that belt any time soon..

Prediction: Alexa Bliss to win

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Neville (c) vs Akira Tozawa

Going head to head the winner of this match will walk away with the Cruiserweight Championship. This is a slightly weird match up to me. It has been orchestrated by Titus O’Neil who is determined to bring the Crusierweight Division crashing down…. and Akira Tozawa is the latest in the line of superstars that he is using to try and achieve his end goal…. Does Tozawa have what it takes to take on Neville and snatch the title from his grasp? Or is he just going to become another pawn in Neville’s display of dominance over the division as he crushes Tozawa?

Prediction: Neville to win

WWE Intercontinental Championship

The Miz (c) vs Dean Ambrose

The Intercontinental Championship is back on the line again this weekend with Dean Ambrose going after it. Can The Miz hold on to the belt and fend off the lunatic Ambrose? Or is it time for him to hand it over gracefully? Will it remain just these two in the ring or will Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel come to the aid of The Miz and help him defeat Ambrose? I have to say that Ambrose would really need to pull something spectacular out of the bag to pull off a win here. If we throw Maryse in to the mix as well then he is going up against 4 others on his own – 4 who are known to play dirty… I don’t think it is a level playing field if I am honest and I don’t see how he can honestly stand a chance much as it kills me to say it. Because we all know I have a not very secret soft spot for the Lunatic…. I just don’t think he can do it…

Prediction: The Miz to win

Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

This looks set to be one of the more exciting matches of the evening – for me anyway! I love watching Seth Rollins in action and against Bray Wyatt it stands to be a good match up. These two are going head to head in the latest attempt to settle their differences in the ring this weekend. Rollins has shown that he is not scared of Wyatt and he doesn’t bow down to Wyatt’s mind games. Has Bray Wyatt lost some of his touch since Randy Orton tore the family apart? Or is Rollins simply just immune to Wyatt and his tricks. Whatever the reason I think it gives Seth Rollins the edge here and he can use it to his advantage to take Wyatt down once and for all.

Prediction: Seth Rollins to win

Those are our predictions. What are yours? Please leave them in the comments below!