Another weekend another PPV. Feels like everytime I get up off the couch at the end of a PPV I need to sit back down and tune in for the next one! This weekend we have WWE Hell in a Cell and there are some alright matches billed looking at the card. So let’s have a look what is in store for us shall we? Here are our WWE Hell in the Cell 2017 Predictions.

Hell in The Cell

Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens

Now there is no love loss between these two and they are set to hit the ultimate boiling point this Sunday in a Hell in a Cell match where they will bring the feud to a head. Shane O’Mac has a lot to prove with this match up as he has been suspended from his Smackdown Live Commissioner post for attacking Owens – but let’s be honest… who wouldn’t give Owens a slap given the chance? One can hardly blame Shane… This match has the added stipulation that falls count anywhere. Will we see Shane O’Mac jump from the top of this steel structure again this weekend? Or will we see him curled up in a corner defeated again in this steel structure? Or will KO put Shane O’Mac in his place once and for all and leave him to recover from his injuries alongside his father who KO recently attacked? Much as I would like to see Shane O’Mac win I doubt it will happen so…

Prediction: Kevin Owens to win

WWE Championship Match

Jinder Mahal (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

So Shinsuke Nakamura is getting another shot at the championship this weekend as he goes up against current champion Jinder Mahal again.   He nearly managed it as well at Summerslam but the Singh Brothers got involved and that cost Nakamura the match. Oddly at this moment in time the WWE website does not have the Singh Brothers under featured Superstars whereas in the past it has done when they have been out supporting Jinder Mahal so this makes me wonder if the brothers may be being kept in the back for this match? It doesn’t say they are it just states that Nakamura will now be ready for them if they come out. I think this is a hard one to call if the Singh Brothers stay away then Nakamura really stands a good chance of walking away the champion here. But if the Singh Brothers make an appearance I doubt he can fend off all attacks long enough to pin Mahal and take the championship. On the basis that I think the Singh Brothers probably will make an appearance I think that Jinder Mahal will probably still have the edge here.

Prediction: Jinder Mahal to win

WWE Smackdown’s Women Championship

Natalya (c) vs Charlotte Flair

So Natalya surprised me in becoming Women’s Champion as I just didn’t see her making it to the top. She has been held by the WWE for so long just teetering underneath the Champion but never quite good enough to rule the roost. Charlotte Flair however has already been the 5 time RAW Women’s Champion and now has her eyes set on matching that over at SmackDown. She was the first ever Women’s Champion last year and she is excellent at her craft – but lets be honest she learned from the best. But then so did Natalya. So which one deserves this win over the other? In my head I think Charlotte is the better competitor of the two in all honesty but I am not sure if the WWE are going to try and push Natalya as the Champion for a little while longer now they have finally set her at the top? It’s a heard one to call and being that both of these superstars are not ones I would usually back based on the fact they annoy me, I don’t really know which way to vote on this one. I think I will therefore go with the Championship staying where it is for now.

Prediction: Natalya to win

SmackDown Tag Team Championships

The New Day (c) vs The Usos

So The Usos are back for another crack at the Tag Team titles. They lost their titles to The New Day and have requested their rematch clause take place at Hell in a Cell this weekend, and the match will take place in the confines of a cell. I do love watching The New Day in the ring as I just find them so entertaining. Whilst they may not have the sheer brute strength that we have seen from some tag teams I would much rather watch them on the screen than most of the other teams currently about. I hope they win this weekend as then I will continue to see them regularly. Selfish I know but come on you have to admit they are fun to watch!

Prediction: The New Day to win

WWE United States Championship

AJ Styles (c) vs Baron Corbin

So this pair have been at each others throats baying for blood for some time now. Building up to this weekend which will see Corbin challenge Styles in the ring for his championship after Styles said some not so favourable things about Corbin and how he goes about his matches. Corbin rose to the challenge and has gone on a rampage against Styles ever since. Corbin has the brute force that it takes to win a championship but so far they seem to be just out of his reach. Can Styles outwit Corbin and anticipate his moves enough to beat him this weekend? Or will Corbin be ready to put Styles down once and for all? I don’t think Corbin’s bad streak especially when it comes to championships is going to end just yet…

Prediction: AJ Styles to win

Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

Here we have the downright annoying vs the downright slimey! This is probably the match up that I will use to have a bathroom break and make myself a brew. I am totally not invested in it at all as both of these men annoy me to the point I don’t really want to watch them. That said however, I will hang around for Bobby’s entrance music because… well… you know – you get it… right? I am actually hoping that Bobby Roode will show Ziggler what he is made of and really put Ziggler in his place. Ziggler is right down there at the bottom of my list with The Miz. Roode hasn’t fallen quite to their lengths just yet so for that reason I will back him to win. He has shown great talent and strength since he appeared at NXT and now in the main locker room he is a great competitor.

Prediction: Bobby Roode to win

Randy Orton vs Rusev

This is another match I am not that excited about if I am honest. I will watch it but I don’t think I will be on the edge of my seat. There was a time when Randy Orton used to be quite high up for me but now I just feel like we have seen it all already from him. This is a third match for this pair and they are currently tied at one win each so this weekend is all or nothing. Who will come out on top?   I think Rusev may well have the hunger more than Orton to see this through and see him victorious. Afterall he has lost a lot of face back home from his fans in the recent past with Orton coming out on top and quickly so Rusev has much more to prove than Orton. Will Orton continue to ruin Rusev’s reputation back home or can Rusev pull out all the stops to pin Orton once and for all?

Prediction: Rusev to win

Those are our Hell in the Cell Predictions. What are yours? Please leave your thoughts in the comments!