In the immortal words of The Chuckle Brothers: Oh Dear Oh Dear. What has traditionally been a bastion of activity, Hell in a Cell 2019 – by way of its location before a draft, after AEW’s Debut and during the same week as a move to Fox – has been largely forgotten. At the time of writing only 3 matches have been announced, and only one bookmaker has predictions out. So, we’re just going to roll with it. Be sure to keep an eye out on our other Wrestling Betting Sites to see if more pop up between now and then. But here is our Hell in a Cell 2019 Betting Tips.

Hell in a Cell 2019 Betting Tips

So, I guess we’re going to have to go predictable, and go for 2 title changes.

I feel as though The Boss will beat The Man. Becky Lynch has been champion for a while and with seemingly all Wrestlemania champions dropping their belts, I feel it’s time for Becky Lynch to join that list. The best odds you can get is 1/3 with Betway.

Next up is for The Fiend to become Universal Champion. Bray Wyatt has reinvented himself since returning as this character and Rollins is becoming stale. The best odds are 1/5 with Betway.

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Those are the best odds for some of the matches matches, what do you have? Please leave your betting tips in the comments!