Here are our predictions for WWE Hell in a Cell 2019.

WWE Universal Championship

Seth Rollins (c) vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

In some ways, the end of this match was signposted midway through this week’s “SEASON OPENER” of Monday Night Raw when “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan selected current WWE Universal Champ, Seth Rollins to be his Team Captain. This means that if Seth wins at HIAC, then there’d be no Universal Title defence at “Blood Money 4: Crown Jewel”… and the Saudis’ll be wanting a Universal Title match. Possibly containing The Ultimate Warrior, but they’ll deffo be wanting a Universal Title match. So The Fiend is winning here.

To be fair, Wyatt winning here has actually been sign posted for months. Ever since “The Fiend” was first teased, this ‘second incarnation’ of Bray Wyatt has been one of – if not the – most over acts on RAW, as well as being one of the more original characters in a long time.

I can’t see Wyatt losing here, unless it was by DQ or Countout and – as it’s in the Cell – those options are off the table. I’m fully expecting The Fiend to win the belt here and go into a short feud away from Rollins (perhaps with Rey Mysterio) before the eventual triple threat with Ramblin Rabbit and Mercy the Buzzard… (possible run-in from Sooty also predicted)

Prediction: The Fiend

WWE Raw Women’s Championship

“The Man” Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks

What was it I said last month? *fires up the google machine*

“How do you lure Sasha Banks back from having seemingly quit the company? High profile position, check. Put her back with Bayley, check. Essentially create an all-female-Two-Woman-Power-Trip by having them be both singles champs AND do this by being the person to dethrone Becky Lynch? Is this “Man on the Moon Director” Milos Forman, Composer of the Ringkampf music Antonin Dvorak and footballer Pavel Nedved??? Because that’s three Checks right there.”

I’m putting this back up because – although it didn’t happen last month as I expected, I’m certain it’s happening this month…. and I get to do my “that’s three Checks / Czechs right there” joke again.
WWE didn’t pull the trigger on Lynch losing the title to Banks straight away, but the Cell allows for more brutality and opportunity for legal shenanigans that “The Boss” may not have always been able to previously. I’m not sure who else you’d have to take the belt off Lynch – with the possible exception of a debuting Shayna Baszler – and it feels like a good chance to freshen “The Man” up and have her back on the chase again.

Prediction: Sasha Banks

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

This match will go a long way in telling us where WWE sees Daniel Bryan in long term plans. The return of Luke Harper threw a bit of a spanner in the works, but the most logical scenario here is that this has all been a long term plan to attack Roman Reigns: The Big Dog starts the match, Bryan turns on him mid-match and all three attack Reigns. Longer term, this creates a kind of “Vegan NuWyatt Family” stable featuring the former Bludgeon Brothers and Daniel Bryan (and the feud with New Day after this writes itself).

That’s what is most logical (and what I expect to happen) but it’s perhaps far from guaranteed. I’ve enjoyed this current incarnation of Rowan – whose music taste of death metal bands has been shown to be *sharp* based on his current ring gear, and WWE clearly has long had plans to do *something* with Erick Rowan (remember “savant genius” Rowan around Survivor Series 2014 when he was discussed fine wine and solving Rubik Cubes?).

With that in mind, it could be that this whole angle has been to try and push Rowan/Harper as legit main event talents.

Maybe this is a genuine return to “good guy” Daniel Bryan but what does that do to Rowan & Harper? And if it *is* a genuine face turn, then surely Bryan’s team has to win (especially since Roman Reigns is on the team). Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns for Survivor Series has always “felt” like the long term plan for this story and Harper & Rowan winning here helps to advance this the most

Prediction: Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

So here’s where it gets complicated. The good folk at Wrestling Betting look after me well, but WWE has been kind enough to only announce THREE matches before my Thursday night deadline. As such, I’m going to make a few BONUS predictions this month in the unique…


  • I’m guessing right now that we’ve not announced a Kofi Kingston match before it is going to be a bit of a spoiler on the Kingston / Lesnar match this Thursday night on Smackdown. If – as expected – Lesnar wins, then Kofi gets his re-match here… and loses. One of those matches will feature shenanigans. If Kofi wins, then I’m assuming his next opponent is set up immediately after the Lesnar match which leads to a match on PPV. But as a post-Lesnar challenger isn’t obvious, I’m predicting the former than latter situation
  • OR – and this would be fun – DOMINIC MYSTERIO costs Lesnar in his match against Kofi Kingston which leads to Dom Mysterio versus Lesnar in the Cell and a New Day vs FTRKO 6 Man Match. Having considered it, this is now what I want and what would totally be on my EWR game
  • Some kinda of faux Sexual waffle featuring Lashley, Lana, The Kanelli and Rusev WHO IS LOOKING HENCH AF.
  • A basic win for RooDolph against… someone. Although an open challenge and a title win for The Viking Raiders would be more fun. Mainly because I want Viking Raiders vs Authors of Pain at Summerslam
  • Maybe Gable vs King Corbin? Gable vs Nakamura would be fun?

Seriously… how do you have 12+ hours of TV a week and get 3 days away from a PPV with only three matches announced and not a lot more obvious? I’m one of the more positive people about WWE, but this is just basic story-telling. C’mon.