Here are our WWE Hell in a Cell 2020 Predictions.

WWE Universal Championship – Hell in a Cell, I Quit Match

Roman Reigns (c) vs Jey Uso

I feel bad I have to start this review as I did last month and checking *which* Uso is competing… It’s Jey. Jey.


I made the call in last month’s preview that I’d expected a turn from Jimmy Uso to cost his brother the match – immediately siding with Roman, leading to a short Jimmy vs Jey feud before their eventual reconciliation and partnership as heels under the leadership of their cousin and ‘Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns. Although this didn’t exactly pan out as I’d expected, the fact that they’re doing this match again AND that the previous match ended with Jimmy ‘throwing the towel in’ makes me think this call could have some legs.

As before this will be more story than match – there’s no chance that Jey is leaving with the belt – but the originality and, importantly, the brutality of the first meeting has raised the expectations for their second encounter. In many ways, this would have been a better match in a cage than a cell (Jimmy slamming the door on Jey’s head would have been an obvious and excellent visual) but it will be fun to see how this plays out.

The “I Quit” stipulations does worry me a little – hopefully Jey gets a slightly stronger showing this time out (although I’m not convinced he *needs* to) but the only certainty outside of Jey not winning the title is that Roman will look like an unstoppable beast. Should be fun to watch.

Prediction: Roman Reigns Wins

WWE World Title – Hell in a Cell

Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton

This is the third straight PPV of McIntyre vs Orton. In the first one, everyone thought Orton would win but I backed McIntyre (and was obviously correct). Last time, I got it wrong as I thought Orton would get a short reign (and was obviously wrong). Now we’re at part three and… well… it just kinda feels like they’ve got one stage too far. I’ve repeated this so often by ENDINGS ARE IMPORTANT to story telling and if Orton wins now, what? He’s been given three chances “because he’s Randy Orton” and taking three goes to get there reduces the impact of a switch.

So maybe Drew keeps it again? Well.. again… so? He’s already beaten Orton three times. I don’t need to see him do it again. They’re both good enough performers that you could have easily done Orton vs Drew in the very near future, but 3 times back-to-back is over-kill. And that’s to assume that it’s *only* three times in a row. Orton wins the belt here and we get presumably get Drew’s re-match at Survivor Series.

And that’s exactly what I’m expecting to happen. Orton wins here, we carry the story on for another month and then Drew gets the belt back at Survivor Series. It’s not a knock on the performers – I think they’re both solid – but it’s a knock on the narrative. Hopefully that improves here to keep us drawn in.

Prediction: Randy Orton Wins

WWE Smackdown Women’s Title – Hell in a Cell

Bayley (c) vs Sasha Banks

I’m a little surprised that they haven’t carried this match – which has been built well and should be the match of the night – to Survivor Series. I’d have happily had a Bayley / Jax / Shayna vs Sasha and Tag Challengers match here to build up to the eventual climax of Banks vs Bayley. But hey – I think we’re long past the idea that Summerslam / Survivor Series are noticeably bigger events than others throughout the year.

Hang on – when have we actually last had a Sasha Banks vs Bayley 1-on-1 PPV in WWE? Let me check… Wow. I might be wrong, but I don’t think there has EVER been a Sasha Banks vs Bayley match on PPV in WWE. NXT? Obviously. But not since both moved to the main roster OVER FIVE YEARS AGO. Damn. No wonder this match between two people whose careers are so linked actually feels fresh. BTW – if I’m wrong on that stat – please correct me. There’s been a couple of triple threats on PPV, but I couldn’t find a single 1-on-1 match on the main roster.

Bayley’s Smackdown women’s title reign has been fantastic and should be more applauded than it is. But this is where it – rightly – ends. Keep your eyes on this match; provided that it isn’t some bollix (to do the match at Survivor Series) then it could be something pretty special.

Prediction: Sasha Banks Wins

Elias vs Jeff Hardy

From one match that feels stale (Orton / Drew) to a match which has been done before, but *feels* fresh (Sasha / Bayley) to the freshest of the fresh as Elias / Hardy is the first time they’ve EVER had a match. This includes house shows. Seriously, they’ve been in the same rumble, 5-6 tag matches and one 6 pack challenge on RAW, but that’s it. Given how bloated the WWE roster is, it’s frankly ludicrous that we don’t get these sort of “first time ever” matches more often.

It’s a shame there’s no stakes – making it a “IC Title Number One Contender” is a bit too obvious but also requires more planning than WWE seem to care for – but I like both men here. Hardy is Hardy – one of the best – and I think Elias is really under-rated because of the nonsense of the character; he’s got bags of charisma and is more than solid in the ring.

I’ve literally no idea what his “concert” was about on RAW though.

Feels like the sort of match that you could do again and build a feud with. If so, Elias wins here and that’s what I’m going for. “The Drifter” goes 1-0 up against Perox?Gen (sic?)

Prediction: Elias Wins

And… err… that’s kinda it? It’s Thursday as I type this as we’re 3 days away from a WWE PPV with only 4 matches announced. Maybe we get Hurt Business vs RETRIBUTION (but that was done on Monday with an odd finish)… maybe Owens/Black? We’re deffo getting some Fiend/Bliss nonsense. Could be the shortest WWE PPV in history at this rate.

It’s a very weird show indeed. At least Banks / Bayley should be good.