Back again and oooh boy, this is poor. Sorry folks, but there’s simply no value in much of the bets here. Only two international bookmakers are taking odds on this event, and they’re not great, but we’ll do our best. Here are our WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Betting Tips

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 – Betting Tips

First off, I’ve gone for Rhea Ripley to beat Charlotte. It’s still god awful odds, but better than the rest. I can’t realistically see any champions being dethroned in the last PPV before fans return, where I can see some shake up, but Rhea Ripley is the (second) riskiest incumbent bet. The “best” odds you can find is 2/5 with

Next up I’ve gone for the most likeliest change – Drew McIntyre to beat Bobby Lashley. I’m not 100% convinced it’ll happen, but our writer Mick said it could and it seems like the most value for a bet today at Hell in a Cell. The best odds you can find are 3/1 with

WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 – Match Bets

Here are the odds for the remaining matches:-

  • For Bianca Bel Air to beat Bayley, the best odds are 1/20 with
  • For Roman Reigns to beat Rey Mysterio, you can get odds of 1/30 with
  • Finally, for Alexa Bliss to beat Shayna Baszler, the best price is 1/10 with both and

Some International bookmakers are region locked, so be sure to check out International Wrestling Betting Partners.

Those are the best odds for all matches, what do you have? Please leave your betting tips in the comments!