Here are our WWE Hell in a Cell 2021 Predictions

WWE Championship – Last Chance Hell in a Cell Match

Bobby Lashley © vs Drew McIntyre

This is a curious one – the bookies are calling for a Lashley win. The Almighty is currently at 2/7 against McIntyre at 5/2. In the land of “Sports Entertainment” when the bookies have a short odds, it usually means that someone is a sensible bet.

However, this could be one which the bookies have got wrong. If you read back the previous month’s predictions, I’ve said before that – whilst Lashley’s title reign has been fun – McIntyre has always felt more of the “face” of the company and it’s more been a case of waiting for The Scot to return to the top.

AEW have used the “can’t challenge for the title” stipulation well since Cody lost to MJF, but as this was clearly a long term plan and a plan that was bled through the whole company, I don’t have the confidence for WWE to replicate anything similar to this. In fact, the stip is what makes me think that this is where McIntyre regains the belt. Drew going for a year in the midcard doesn’t feel a genuine possibility.

At 5/2, with a sensible bet, this could be a good money grab for someone.

Prediction: Drew McIntyre Wins

WWE Raw Women’s Title

Rhea Ripley © vs Charlotte Flair

Speaking of things with an air of an eventuality, Charlotte Flair is challenging for a Women’s World Championship. Charlotte win undoubtedly win the title again, but the bookies don’t think that this is the time it’ll happen. Flair is currently 13/8 against Ripley at 4/9 suggesting that Rhea is likely to retain. Although I wouldn’t have put her as *such* a strong favourite, I’ll agree with the bookies on this one.

Through her talent, her name and her pushes; Charlotte has also gained that air of imperviousness. We know as fans that eventually she will get the title back and that she will always be a top name in the company for as long as she is there. As such, losing at a “B” PPV against someone who the company is trying to establish as an equally credible champion means very little to Flair and is a boost to Ripley.

Rhea losing here isn’t *impossible* in the way that it is for Roman (see more on that later) so I’d be tempted to avoiding betting too much on this one, but the gut says there’s a very strong chance of Rhea Ripley losing the RAW Women’s Title to Charlotte Flair… just not here. Summerslam seems to have a bit more “Flair” for a title change

Prediction: Rhea Ripley Wins

WWE Smackdown Women’s Title

Bianca Belair © vs Bayley

Before writing these previews, I tend to get a rough idea in my head before looking at what the bookies are saying. I was going to put that I wouldn’t be surprised if Bayley won here at all. Bianca’s title win was very much about the moment at Mania and I could see her dropping the title to Bayley only to regain it in short fashion (this is often done to establish someone at as a “Multi-time” World Champion – ignoring that it also includes someone becoming a “Multi time title loser”). That is what I was going to say. Then I looked at the odds.

Bianca Belair is 1/20 to win (at time of writing). TWENTY TO ONE. If you’re seeing a one on one contest and one of those people is TWENTY TO ONE to win, then don’t bet on the other person unless you’re planning to lose your money. Bayley is an incredibly long 8/1 which means that the bookies are very much in the know here. Placing a multi time world champ like Bayley at 8/1 (who – like Charlotte – has the credibility to win the title at point and unlike Rey, is still very much at her peak) is utter madness. I’d be tempted to give 8/1 odds that the ref would count the three by mistake even if Bianca is supposed to win.

In fact, put a pound in Bayley. Feels like a shot.

But, in terms of who I think is going to win, I have to be led by the bookies here

Prediction: Bianca Belair Wins

WWE Universal Title

Roman Reigns © vs Rey Mysterio

At 46, Rey Mysterio is now the same age as when Hulk Hogan “laid down” for Jeff Jarrett in WCW. And like Hulk Hogan, whilst there is no denying the ability and legacy of the man, it does seem strange that someone closer to 50 than 40 is challenging for the most important title (arguably) within the largest company in the world.

What does make it somewhat more forgivable (and therefore understandable) is that there is almost no way that Mysterio wins here. As “The Head of the Table” this has been Roman’s career best work; in establishing a monster title reign (no pun intended) Roman needs victims to build a legacy upon. Unlike Hogan, Rey can still go in the ring so the match should be a fun watch. It’s going to be burial – Rey will show signs of hope, but this match ends with Roman’s hand raised.

The bookies are confirming this – “The Big Dawg” is an incredible 1/25 to win (meaning you only get a pound back for every £25 bet) against Rey being at 9/1. When there are heavy Champion favourites, there’s usually a still a risk (an underdog could win by DQ or Countout for example), but the Hell in the Cell format takes even this gambit out of the way. If you’re prepared to gamble a large amount of money for very minimal reward, it could actually still be sensible bet.

Prediction: Roman Reigns Wins

Alexa Bliss vs Shayna Baszler

At time of writing, I couldn’t find any professional odds on this match, so I’m going on gut alone. My gut says that Alexa Bliss is more important to WWE than Shayna Baszler and as the ‘E is investing heavily in the Voodoo Bliss incarnation of Alexa, the sensible bet (if you can find some odds) is on Alexa.

Putting Baszler – whose wrestling persona is obviously built on legitimacy (I was a big fan of her NXT run) – into an angle which is so “story” lead as opposed to “in ring” lead feels, in some ways, a healthy challenge for Baszler. The more well rounded one can be, to be able do both the hard and the fluff, the serious and the silly is the sign of the best of performers (it’s how R-Truth has always kept a job). If Baszler can come through this well, then it’ll be a huge plus to her “wrestling CV”

However, it’s also completely contradictory to the old wrassling methodology of accentuate the strengths and hide the weaknesses. You’ve got legit MMA star in Baszler. Why is she not choking out fools as opposed to fighting magic?

Bliss wins here, but that’s who the story is *actually* about and I also hope we get the return of Bray sooner rather than later (with the massive caveat that this means the man is in a good place within himself and that’s why he’s back)

Prediction: Alexa Bliss Wins

Those are our predictions, what are yours? Please leave them in the comments!