If I had money in the bank for every PPV that WWE were doing these days I would be very rich! Its every 5 minutes!!! This year’s Money in the Bank is looking like it is certainly one worth watching. There is plenty to look forward to and plenty of our favourite superstars stepping up into the square circle this weekend. So let’s have a look at what we have got coming up shall we? Here are our WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Predictions.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

This year’s men’s ladder match we see six superstars go up against each other all with the ultimate aim of climbing that infamous ladder to the briefcase. Going up against each other is the United States Champion Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and Shinsuke Nakamura. This could be quite a firey match, 3 of these superstars have never been in such a match before so it is going to be interesting to see what they bring to the table and I am very much looking forwards to it. Add to that the fact that Owens and Sami Zayn have this long heated feud between them – will this clash reopen old wounds between the two again? Can they focus on the job in hand long enough to get the job done? Or will veteran Ziggler use this to his advantage and make it to the top of that ladder? Or will Baron Corbin be the dark ruthless power house we know him to be and beat all the competition to the top? Or will Nakamura be looking to put his mark on this tournament? I don’t really see AJ Styles winning this one – superb as he is in the ring, I just feel this isn’t going to be his time…. I actually think Corbin is the one to watch here really – so much as I may want to choose one of the others (come on Sami REALLY deserves a few breaks now!) I am going to put my money on Corbin

Prediction: Baron Corbin to win

WWE Championship

Jinder Mahal (c) vs. Randy Orton

Randy Orton gets his rematch for the WWE Championship this weekend against current title holder Jinder Mahal after he lost the title at WWE Backlash.   A very shocking result all round and now we get to see the two superstars go at it again for the belt. Mahal has cost Orton both the title and his House of Horrors match against Bray Wyatt so Orton is going into this match with a very big chip on his shoulder. Can he claim his title back in his home town in front of his fans? I am not so sure at the moment…. I think there is still more to come from Mahal at this point.

Prediction: Jinder Mahal to win

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Tamina vs. Carmella vs. Natalya

Well the women’s division has gone from strength to strength in the recent years and so it is only fair they are awarded the same chances as the men. So this year we have the first ever womens Money in the Bank Ladder Match – you are watching history right here folks! And what a great line up we have for this historical event. Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Natalya and Carmella go head to head to make it to the top of that ladder and claim that briefcase making them the number 1 contender to the SmackDown Women’s title – currently held by Naomi.   This one is quite a hard match to call. It could literally go any way. I don’t think Natalya or Tamina will win so I will rule them out now… But I think it could well come down to Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. These two have both been the champ, Charlotte is continually chomping at the heels of the champion to win back “her” title, and I don’t think Becky had a long enough run as a champion before she was unseated and hasn’t managed to win back the title thus far. But then Carmella could surprise everyone and be first to the top this weekend, but is she really a worthy competitor for Naomi? I honestly cannot realistically call this one so I am going to just go with who I want to see win and that is Becky Lynch

Prediction: Becky Lynch to win

SmackDown Tag Team Championship

The Usos (c) vs The New Day

Now THIS is a match I have been waiting to see – The New Day are back in action and I for one couldn’t be happier. This is their first title shot since switching brands. The Uso’s are the current reigning champions and have defeated Breezango twice to hold onto their championships, but let’s be honest – The New Day have an excellent record of holding onto the tag team belts longer than anyone else. Can they claim their crowns back this weekend and be top of the pack again? Can they outlive their previous reign? Either way I love watching them in the ring they are always entertaining. I am totally backing them as I want to see them back on top this weekend!

Prediction: The New Day to win

SmackDown Women’s Championship

Naomi vs Lana

Lana is new to the SmackDown brand and straight away she is up for a title shot against Naomi…. she needs to learn the pecking order surely and pay her dues first before heading straight in at the top? It’s such a long way to fall to the bottom Lana…. But oh well you have attacked Naomi and forced yourself into a title match after your little hissy fit that you weren’t allowed in the ladder match. Lets hope Naomi puts you in your place now and you learn you can’t just come over here all guns blazing and expect to be straight in with a title shot over other superstars who have been around longer and working their way up.

Prediction: Naomi to win

Those are our predictions, what are yours? Please leave them in the comments!