Here are our WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Predictions, a Pay per view airing Sunday May 19th, 2019 from Hartford, Connecticut.

WWE Title Match

Kofi Kingston (c) VS Kevin Owens

It’s fair to say that the worst time of year to be a WWE World Champion is around Money In The Bank; overnight your title reign has a ticking clock attached to it – a macabre shadow of a challenger waiting for you and their inevitable cash-in. Although WWE has taken steps to reduce the previously-guaranteed nature of MITB (Cena, Sandow, Corbin) it’s still very likely that Kofi or Seth will lose their belt to a man carrying a garish green briefcase… and I think it will be Kofi that suffers that loss.

This thought colours the predictions of this match. The KO feud has been Kofi’s first big challenge after his memorable title win and the ‘overnight’ nature of Kingston’s win means that the story has for – at least *this* – title reign already had its thematic peak. Kofi’s win being such a feel-good moment in itself, means that his loss in an ‘unfair’ way like Money in the Bank is a good next/final chapter for the story.

A really interesting scenario would have Sami Zayn win Money in the Bank and pin Owens in a Triple Threat. But, I predict that Kofi wins this match against KO so that he can then lose to someone else. Maybe tonight, but I also think he’ll leave the arena has champion as I think we’re getting a cash-in elsewhere

Prediction: Kofi Kingston Wins


WWE Universal Title

Seth Rollins (c) vs AJ Styles

Seth’s title reign in many ways feels different to Kofi’s. Having already had a number of runs with the title prior to this most recent win, it feels more important that Rollins has a longer reign in a post-Lesnar Universe to establish himself as a different kind of champion to The Beast Incarnate. Because of this, it’s a great choice of challenger to start with AJ Styles.
Even the most ardent of AJ Styles fans most be pleasantly surprised at just how successful he’s been in WWE. That’s not a knock on AJ in the slightest – far from it; he’s been one of the best in the world for 10+ years. But there’s no denying that Styles has been a *top tier* performer in WWE and congratulations to him for it because it was not what most predicted would happen.

AJ doesn’t need a win here, Seth really does. As such, it should be one of the more logical results. Also – if you’re a MITB briefcase holder – then surely it makes more sense to go after the “lesser proven” champion in Kofi than the multi-time world Champion in Seth?

Expect this to be a great match that still leaves unexplainably leaves fans totally unsatisfied.

Prediction: Seth Rollins Wins

WWE Raw Women’s Title

Becky Lynch (c) vs Lacey Evans

“Becky 2 Belts” isn’t going to last forever for a number of practical reasons and the ending of the Wrestlemania Main Event took a bit of shine off Becky’s dual title reign before it even began. However – despite this – I’m predicting that Lynch (kinda) wins BOTH of her matches at the Money in the Bank PPV to give bragging rights to face of WWE Women’s Wrestling. The good thing about the Money in the Bank PPV and Concept is that Lynch can win both matches (that she has scheduled) and still manage to leave the event without her belt.

I think we’ll see it go down like this. Of Becky’s two matches, this goes on first. Becky beats Lacey Evans clean. Not only that – complete flash pin. We’re talking Sheamus / Daniel Bryan / 18 seconds stuff. Maybe whilst Lacey is waving to the crowd. Also, there are 11 matches on the card. The audience can afford a quick pin.

This boosts Lynch as a badass and gives the heel Lacey Evans something to complain about. And complain she will. For the next part of this prediction, see the Smackdown Women’s match. But for now…

Prediction: Becky Lynch Wins

WWE Smackdown Women’s Title

Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte Flair

… And then this match goes on second. Later in the night from Lynch / Evans and – importantly – *after* the women’s MITB match has happened. Lynch / Flair is the complete opposite of Evans/Lynch. Proper war, gruelling match for both.

Then – towards the end – ideally after Flair has had a visual pin on Lynch which isn’t counted by a downed Ref – we get the return of angry/embarrassed Lacey Evans. Becky spots her and they get into a confrontation & head backstage. At this point, a battle-worn Charlotte Flair stands in the ring alone and your Women’s MITB winner comes out, makes it a Triple Threat match and pins Charlotte for the title. This means there’s no confusion over which title the MITB winner has won (they beat Charlotte in a Smackdown Triple Threat), gives us Flair vs MITB Champ and a continued Lynch vs Evans feud whilst keeping Flair and Lynch apart for a while.

It could be more interesting with the same story, but swapping Flair and Evans, but this version makes more sense and leads to fresher stories.

This reminds me of a comedian I once saw online – “you think Wrestling is fake because they know wins? No-one says Football is fake, but I knew who’d win The Superbowl – The Patriots or The Rams. You knew who’d Wrestlemania 31 between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar? Seth Rollins. AND HE WASN’T IN THE DAMN MATCH”

Prediction: Void (as far as the matches go) – but Becky Lynch to win

Men’s Money in the Bank

Ricochet vs Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre vs Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor vs Andrade vs Ali vs Randy Orton

Loves me a car crash. There was a report recently that WWE wanted to use the next men’s Money in the Bank match as a real Launchpad for the next main event star so it does create some real intrigue on who’s taking the briefcase. I also expect – as mentioned above – that whoever wins this is going to cash-in on Kofi.

As we do the predictions here, let’s start by thinning the field a little. I don’t see Balor winning as he’s the reigning IC Champion and has other focuses right now. I also don’t see Ricochet winning as it feels like it’s going to be a heel cash-in – but I do predict that The One and Only will do something bloody mental, obviously. Finally, you can take Baron Corbin off the list of likely winners too, having already dropped the ball on one cash-in previously.

So this leaves us with four. Sami Zayn being added to the match last minute does raise some eyebrows – as mentioned above, it would create for an interesting dynamic should the Owens/Kofi feud continue, but whilst it’s a possibility, my gut says they’re going elsewhere with this. I’d also like to see what would happen if Andrade won, as the man’s an absolute star. Of everyone in this, I think an Andrade win has the most upside, with the least complications. Still not feeling it though, although rumours of a feud with Balor after this something to look forward to.

This gives us Orton, Drew McIntyre or Ali… and I’m going to predict that Ali wins. Orton has been here before and if this is a “launch” then it’s not Randy. Drew is a very obvious choice – finally gets to prove Vince’s prophecy true and kick Kofi’s head off. But I think Drew’s heading towards back to a feud with Roman Reigns.

Ali winning is *very* interesting as the story of him vs Kofi is a fascinating one if this happens. Lazy writing – screws over Kofi “like Kofi screwed him” and win the title. Interesting writing – cashes in and LOSES to Kofi… then goes mental. Think Peter Schibetta. If Ali does cash in, it’s going to be interesting how they’d handle a heel version of him. Either way:

Prediction: Ali

WWE Women’s Money in the Bank

Natalya vs Dana Brooke vs Naomi vs Alexa Bliss vs Bayley vs Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon vs Carmella

I think the winner here is going to cash-in at the event to win the title. As such – like the men’s predictions – let’s begin by thinning the field. Natalya, Naomi, Dana Brooke and Ember Moon don’t feel right doing the sneak cash-in and you can take Carmella off the list too (having won the first women’s MITB)

I’d intentionally left Bayley off the list above although a Bayley cash-in/heel turn is certainly possible; especially with Sasha Banks being persona non grata at the moment and since (I think) this leads to a rivalry with Charlotte, who Bayley has storied history with.

However, the only reason I’m not picking Bayley is that some of the build up to Becky Lynch’s dual title matches has been about her (Becky) not being one of “Vince’s picks” – the insinuation that Vince would prefer Evans or Flair to be the face of women’s wrestling as they have a certain “look” *cough*stackedblonde*cough*

Because of this, it feels fitting than someone else could be described as a “Vince Pick” ends up winning the MITB. This leaves us with either Mandy Rose or Alexa Bliss and I’ll pick Mandy, as Alexa has been a multi-time champion already. Mandy wins MITB (possibly with help from Sonya DeVille who is notably absent in this match) and goes on to cash-in later that evening.

Prediction: Mandy Rose

Roman Reigns vs Elias

I always try to be positive about all of wrestling when I do this predictions – I hope that comes across. It’s because a) I’m a generally positive person and b) I enjoy wrestling. But even I sigh slightly when predicting this match with the sheer inevitability of it all.

Of course there’s a potential that Reigns loses this match by being jump attacked by *OPEN RANDOM HEEL GENERATROR* “Drobin McLashin” and gives Elias a cheap win over DA BIG DAWG which he can sing about til his heart’s content. It would set-up a next story for Reigns, keeping him from the title picture for now and also boosts Elias.

But that’s not happening. I predict a muddling 7 minute match. Elias starts off with a song. Reigns wins clean. Total RAW fodder on a PPV and gets both Reigns and Elias on the show.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

Steel Cage Match

The Miz vs Shane McMahon

If you don’t enjoy the total nonsense that is a Shane McMahon match, then I can’t help you. We see too many of them, absolutely. It would be nice to see someone else booked in the same way. Someone who is better at this pro wrestling malarkey perhaps. But that’s not going to happen, so let’s all sit back and enjoy what will be SHANE MCMAHON IN A STEEL CAGE.

Of all of my predictions in this preview, the one that I am most confident of is that we’re going to see Shane McMahon jumping off the steel cage. He’s the heel – he should be escaping as quickly as he can, so does it make sense that he’s jumping off a cage? OF COURSE NOT. Does that matter? OF COURSE NOT. Shane’s ‘triangle choke’ doesn’t make any sense, so I’ve no care to apply any logic to his wrestling matches either. Shane McMahon wrestling matches are the Sport Entertainment version of a Direct to DVD Jason Statham movie. Great fun, just don’t think about them too much or you’ll question the point of the art form as a whole.

Prediction wise, I expect The Miz to get his win back here from Wrestlemania – possibly after Shane attempts a 680 off the cage.

Oh God… he’s going to do a Shooting Star Press off the cage isn’t he?

Prediction: The Miz

WWE United States Title

Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio

Not really sure how I feel about this one. I was a big fan of the total squash at Wrestlemania as I thought it made Joe look fantastic over a Rey Mysterio who’s at the point in his career where he can do no wrong. By all accounts, the squash happened as much because of Mysterio’s injuries at the time, so we’re likely to get the match tonight that would have happened at Mania if Rey-Rey had been Health-ey.

There’s a chance we could see that Mysterio wins here to avenge the Wrestlemania loss. Rey’s been far better than expected since returning and wouldn’t look out of place with the US Title. As such as it doesn’t hurt Rey losing, it doesn’t hurt Joe (or indeed anyone) losing to Rey

But I’m predicting that Money in the Bank is mainly a night for the champions and we see another retention from Joe. If Vince Russo were still about then I’d be predicting that Rey’s son Dominic is turning on him here – hopefully that’s not happening because it’s silly. But a vicious Joe forcing Rey to tap in front of his Son? That’s a powerful finish.

Prediction: Samoa Joe Wins

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Tony Nese (c) vs Ariya Daivari

I really liked Buddy Murphy as Cruiserweight Champ and thought he did a lot to improve the perception of the belt with a couple of absolute pre-show bangers. I’m not as hot on Nese (hopefully yet) and a Daivari win would feel a bit left field.

The good thing is that WWE has got a plethora of Cruiserweight challengers and regardless of which combination from the under-valued 205 Roster; you tend to get a fun match to start the show. With Tony Nese very much at the start of his reign and needing to prove himself following the lengthy reign of Murphy, the result here feels one of the more easy to predict. Put you money on the Premier Athlete and yet another retention

Prediction: Tony Nese Wins

Daniel Bryan & Rowan (c) vs The Usos

Unless I’ve missed something I can’t see any comment about this being a title match for the – fairly new – Smackdown Tag Champions and although there’s a “Wild Card”, the Uso’s are officially a RAW team, so the non-title classification does make sense. Also, because it’s a non-title match I have no issue with this being on the pre-show and nor do I think it has any negative reflection on the perception of any of the performers in the match (I recently saw a histrionic comment saying that WWE had ‘given up’ on Daniel Bryan by giving him a Smackdown Tag Title reign… I imagine whoever thought that is already angrily banging their laptop in anticipation of this match)

Low stakes match means it could realistically go either way. Logic says that the new champions should be winning, but Daniel Bryan’s World Title run showed he has absolutely no care about losing in a non-title match. Like Elias / Reigns, this feels like an excuse to get the bigger stars on the card.

I’m predicting a – slightly muddled – Uso win to build their momentum on RAW whilst protecting the Smackdown champs with a non-title clause.

Prediction: The Usos

Those are our WWE Money in the Bank 2019 Predictions. What are yours? Please leave them in the comments!