So last show was pretty profitable, wasn’t it? Admittedly we lost on the Money in the Bank but we easily made enough cash back. Still waiting on pay-per-view number 5 on an entire card coming in, maybe Summerslam will be the one?

Weirdly as well the bookies didn’t take a massive loss, with all the favourites winning. This could be something worth bearing in mind going forward. So, onwards with the predictions!


WWE Championship Match

John Cena © vs Daniel Bryan

So it appears as though if you’re champion you can the odd time pick your own challenger. Baffling really, but it’d be good if they ever incorporate it into a story – every fifth or tenth title defense you can pick your opponent. Cena, being a fighting champion, rather than go for Yoshi Tatsu or Alex Riley picked probably the individual on the hottest streak recently – Daniel Bryan.

And I think this could be a mistake.

WWE have at times been absolutely brilliant at pulling the trigger at just the right moment. Bryan has been over not only with the internet faithful but also with the crowd. In this face vs. face match, I can see Daniel Bryan finally capturing the strap, with Cena putting over Bryan in the way he did so brilliantly with CM Punk.

Daniel Bryan to hold the strap for about 3 minutes, as Randy Orton cashes in his Money In The Bank, and becomes the new champion.

Think about it, it’ll get Orton over as a heel, there’s tension between the two, and it’ll produce those oh so brilliant videos you see all the time on the internet in Youtube with guys melting down on camera. If the WWE incorportates some of those into their app, I’d download it.

But yes, from a betting standpoint, Daniel Bryan to win

Prediction: Daniel Bryan Win


Brock Lesnar (/w Paul Heyman) vs CM Punk

It’s a tough one to call this one, and I think the outcome of this match could lead to what happens in the main event.

Punk after his epic run recently has become one of those guys who is superb at getting his heat back easily. He doesn’t need to win. Brock Lesnar as well doesn’t need to win, but probably needs it more than Punk, purely because he’s a heel and there aren’t that many strong heels at the moment.

If Bryan or Cena leave Los Angeles with the belt, then I can see Brock being elevated up to the main event to feud with them – in particular Bryan, what better way to put over his ability as an underdog champion than with him beating the former UFC Champion? If Orton wins then Punk will get another main event shot whilst Bryan searches for revenge.

As I’ve predicted a face winning the strap in the main event, I’ll go for a Lesnar win.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar Win


World Heavyweight Championship Match

Alberto Del Rio © vs Christian

This match seems a little odd and a little thrown together. ADR has been actually bearable as a heel champion, much better than his bland babyface version. Christian on the other hand returned a couple of months ago, and despite Rob Van Dam having some great matches with Del Rio, and Orton being positioned as a strong face, it’s Christian who gets the shot.

I can’t see anything but a Del Rio win, if I’m honest. I can’t understand why Christian has the opportunity, beyond possibly a screwy finish involving Ricardo Rodriguez to get revenge on his former client, or a hotshot title change so Sandow can become champion. Other than that, can see Del Rio winning this.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio Win


Ring of Fire Match

Kane vs Bray Wyatt

So…we’re not allowed to call them Inferno matches?

I’m assuming this is a tamer version of Inferno matches, rather than setting somebody on fire, I’m assuming it’s a singles match inside said ring (fiery ring). We have to keep it PG after all.

Predictions? Well, Bray Wyatt is the newcomer, Kane is the established star. I’m assuming that after all this build up they wouldn’t have Wyatt lose his first pay-per-view match, as that’d be daft. As such, Wyatt to win.

Prediction: Bray Wyatt Win


Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

The Rhodes Scholars have imploded!

Sandow has been his usual brilliant self and Cody Rhodes has been, well, Cody Rhodes. His moustache doesn’t really work as a face, so he should probably lose it. Safe to say I don’t really care about this match, so I’m going for a Sandow win.

Prediction: Damien Sandow win


Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs Big E Langston & AJ Lee

My how the strong have fallen.

Ziggler has gone form world title shot to an afterthought on one of the big 4 pay per views in less than a month. Yes it’s a feud, but pairing up Ziggles and Kaitlyn to go against Big E & AJ seems awfully thrown together.

As I’ve predicted a lot of heels winning this show, I’m going to go with a Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn to pick up the win.

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn win


Natalya vs Brie Bella

Apparently this is a grudge match from “Total Divas”. As I’ve never watched that, and have no inclination to, I’ve no idea why or caring why as well.

I’m going for Natalya, even if she did that dreadful botch on Raw, as she did beat the Diva’s champion on Monday.

Prediction: Natalya win


United States Heavyweight Championship Match

Dean Ambrose © vs Rob Van Dam

So instead of being in what could be a pretty good main event on Smackdown’s side, Rob Van Dam (remember, he was built up for weeks) is stuck on the pre-show with Dean Ambrose.

I have a feeling this could be a pretty decent match. Ambrose is unbelievably good and RVD is solid. I also think there could be a title change here. The Shield have weakened since they captured all the gold, and since the Wyatt’s have come in, I’m not sure if they are still the top of the pecking order of heel trios. It’s a shame, as Rollins & Ambrose are absolutely superb.

Ambrose, as expected, hasn’t set the world alight with his US Title reign, which sucks. However if he is moved onto more meaningful feuds, I won’t be complaining too much.

Prediction: Rob Van Dam win