So once again I’m writing articles on Wednesday for this site, as Bi:Annual Blood Money Massacre is here again. As well as the mental gymnastics of deciding to watch something in such an oppressive regime, those bastions of moral superiority gambling sites have voted a bit with their feet. There’s very few bookmakers taking bets, but there are a few. We’ve taken the best bets, and here are our WWE Super Showdown 2020 Betting Tips.

WWE Super Showdown 2020 – Betting Tips

First off we’ve gone for the safe bet – Bayley to beat Naomi. I’m not convinced Bray Wyatt will beat Goldberg, and this appears to be the best shot of taking some cash that isn’t too dreadful. It’s not great, the best odds are 7/20 with 888 Sport.

Next up another safe bet – Murphy & Rollins to beat The Street Profits. There isn’t a huge amount of value in this card and this occupies a safe bet location but with decent value. There’s also a bit of discrepancy in value between bookmakers which suggests some are more confident than others. The best odds you can find for the Monday Night Messiah & his disciple to retain the tag team titles is 11/20 with 888 Sport.

Next up we’ve gone for The New Day to beat Miz & Morrison. Although outsiders, I am convinced Miz & JoMo thrown together are doing something else for Wrestlemania. Probably nothing major. The New Day though? Still strong as far as I’m concerned. The best odds for the Tag Team Titles to be retained is 11/8 with William Hill.

Finally, I’ve gone for a special bet. Brock has been known to recently work slightly longer matches with people that he likes, and enjoys a match which involves him throwing somebody around. Ricochet is such a performer, so I feel like this will be not a one move and done match for Brock. So I’ve gone for Brock Lesnar vs Ricochet to go over 6 minutes. For this to occur you can get odds of evens with 888 Sport.

WWE Super Showdown 2020 – Match Bets

Here are the best odds for the remaining matches.

  • For Brock Lesnar to beat Ricochet, you can get odds as high as 1/20 with William Hill & 888 Sport (yeah, avoid this!)
  • For Bray Wyatt to beat Goldberg, the best odds are 4/7 with William Hill.
  • For new entrant Rey Mysterio to win the Tuwaiq Trophy, the best odds are 7/1 with 888 Sport.
  • Finally, for Roman Reigns to beat Baron Corbin, you can get odds of 1/8 with William Hill.

If you are outside the UK be sure to check out our International Wrestling Betting Partners.

Those are the best odds for all matches, what do you have? Please leave your betting tips in the comments!