Here are our WWE TLC 2019 Predictions.

TLC Match

Roman Reigns vs King Corbin

One of the most common complaints about the existing WWE schedule is that PPV events like TLC, Wargames and Hell in a Cell result in a watering down of the effectiveness of these gimmicks in their own right. Whereas previously they would have been “specialities” – built up to suit the specific feud (and occasionally they still are) – but Reigns / Corbin here is the concept at its worse. Why is this a TLC match? What are they reaching for? Or is this going to simply be a no-DQ match under a different name with a more limited weapon range than a broken WWE 2K game.

In New Japan this would be a multi-man tag of Reigns-Gun versus Corbin/Lashley/Ziggler/McIntyre.

In a Vince Russo era, this would be a dog food on a pole match. The loser being the winners pet for 90 days.

But in modern day WWE, we’re got a “mandated monthly gimmick match” and I’m predicting it’s one that Da Big Dawg is winning. I have a feeling that this is heading eventually to Reigns / Wyatt at Mania because it’s when Mania when Vince McMahon has another go at making Roman “the man”. The march to Mania starts here. Roman to win in quick succession with a spear through a table – fully justifying his 1/5 odds to win and completely nullifying the tables match later that night

Prediction: Roman Reigns Wins

The Miz vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Oddly, the fact that this isn’t being advertised as a Universal Title match makes the result of this match a bigger uncertainty than if it was for the belt. I mean, Miz ain’t becoming the World Champ here, so why not make this a title match unless you’re planning for Miz to… well… win the match?

Given that The Fiend figuratively murdered Seth Rollins and beat Daniel Bryan he’s currently the “unbeatable Big Bad” of WWE – seemingly more difficult to beat even Lesnar. So… err… Miz? I mean, it could be great fun to watch Mr Mizanin make Wyatt tap out clean to his brutal figure four leg-lock – if only to watch Twitter implode on itself.

There’s also the odd fact that this match is ‘officially’ (at least currently) Bray Wyatt vs The Miz, NOT “The Fiend”. This is something I’ve actually been interested to see, can Bray do the ‘Mr Rogers” side of the character in-ring without losing the audience. But also – why (from a story line purpose) would he?

If this changes to a title match before the event, then Wyatt wins. If it stays non-title, then I’m calling on a Daniel Bryan run-in to give Miz the win; eventually leading to a Miz / Bryan feud.

Or maybe someone else does the run-in. A certain Shaman of Sexy maybe? That would be a bold way to return Morrison to the fold. Either way, Miz wins via interference (to quote an EWR game) and then Fiend does SPOOKYNESS to them on the final Smackdown of the year to get his own back

Miz is currently 11/2 against the “safer” bet of Wyatt winning 1/4 – meaning this (albeit a gamble) could be the best opportunity to make money on this evening’s events

Prediction: Miz Wins (providing it stays non-Title)

Smackdown Tag Titles

The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (c) vs The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

It’s been an interesting week with The Ascension, Luke Harper and Sin Cara all being granted their long awaited releases. There’s been there’s been rumours of the four wanting out for a while… almost as long as there’s been rumours about two other wanting to leave the land of McMahon: Messrs Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder.

I don’t expect The Top Guys to be leaving soon… yet I wouldn’t be shocked either now that there have been the first few releases. Maybe there’s been a change of policy. This match – which I expect New Day to win either way – could be a good indication of the longer term plans for The Revival. If Dawson / Wilder win, then they’re probably staying but if they lose (which, again, I expect them to) the way that they lose will tell a lot. Is a total drubbing? Or a competitive match between two of the best Tag Teams on the planet?

WWE seemingly hold The Revival (who would fit in perfectly in every company on the planet) which is why I don’t see them going anytime soon ala Konnor, Viktor, Cara and Harper (I say this, obviously, with the same little knowledge of the private intricacies of WWE contracts as most other fans do). As such, I think this will be a contest as opposed a humiliation.

Either way though, this is a betting site and we’re more about results than the journey here. That said, don’t put money on this one – with New Day at 3/4 and Revival at 19/20, the odds aren’t strong enough for either pick

Prediction: New Day Retain

Women’s Tag Titles

The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) (c) vs Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

I am a fan of the concept of an established tag team taking on two singles stars; it allows a company to highlight how tag team wrestling is a different disciple to singles wrestling. By having the tag team get a clean win over the singles stars, you’re not only promoting the tag team, but the whole tag team scene. The singles stars lose nothing either as they were “playing a different game” – have the singles show their relative inexperience in the discipline of tag team wrestling – causing a loss – and then leading to a feud between. It’s simple, strong writing

WWE disagrees.

WWE historically loves them a “crazy mixed tag team who really hate each other as champs”. Booking 101 under the class of Vince McMahon has shown the story here is more likely to be “tag partners who hate each other”, then “lose titles because they hate each other” then feud. Same end result with less nuance and internal logic.

It’s where I see this one going. The Kabuki Warriors have looked good since the turn and hopefully they do keep the titles here as they’ll have more to gain from it. But I think the evening here ends with Becky Lynch as a double champ.

Prediction: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch Win

Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy

I’m a big fan of both men here (because who doesn’t enjoy watching bicycle knees to the head?) and the rumour is that RAW Head Paul Heyman agrees. The story going around at the time of Heyman’s appointment was that he saw a big upside in both “the best kept secret” and “the Dutch Destroyer” so it’s not shocking to see them now highlighted in such a position

It’s an interesting note though that they’re facing *each other* so quickly. If there was a strong backing for both men then wouldn’t it make more sense to build them up separately before this match? I think the immediacy of this bout suggests that there’s a longer term plan for one man more than the other (most likely Black)

This is arguably the most fight profile fight for TAFKA Tommy End since he started his “come and pick a fight with me” gimmick, so it would be a strange time for a loss. I’m predicting a (very fun) sprint ending with Murphy’s head being taken off his shoulders. That said, it’s not one I’d put money on… the odds here will be short and if this match goes beyond here (“a best of” series between the two would be fun) then a flash roll up from Buddy Murphy isn’t impossible

Prediction: Aleister Black Wins

Tables Match

Rusev vs Bobby Lashley

Ahh… this match.

Providing your only metric is YouTube views, this has been WWE’s most successful angle all year. If you include LITERALLY ANY OTHER METRIC then it really, really hasn’t. Maybe it’s the sub-soap opera acting. Maybe it’s the lack of internal logic. Who knows? But those YouTube views have been pretty, pretty sweet…

I’m also pretty sure this isn’t the end of the Ballad of Rusev/Lana/Lashley – simply because of the chosen gimmick for the match. A tables match has always had an element of not being a “proper” win (see Sheamus beating Cena for the title, or Big Show losing a tables match by accidentally stepping on a table). We’re long past Hardyz/Dudleyz dayz here

With the story continuing and the stip in place, I’m predicting that Lashley wins with Lana related SHENNANIGANS resulting in Rusev blasting through a table. Where this feud ends? Who knows? (I see Rusev eliminating Lashley from the Rumble) but it ain’t ending tonight

Predictions: Lashley Wins

RAW Tag Team Titles

Viking Riders Open Challenge

Erik & Ivar are issuing an open challenge to the locker room for the Raw Tag Team titles. Who do they face?

There was a rumour earlier in the week that this was going to be The Viking Raiders against ‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’ – the OC – Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows. Obviously, plans may have changed and they could be defending the titles against someone else; but I have a feeling that the rumour turns out to be true and Gallows/Andersons answer the call.

I’m expecting this match to be on the pre-show and a fairly non-descript match for what are two great teams. Viking Raiders issue the challenge, OC answer; The Viking Raiders win clean in under eight minutes. That’s my call.

However – don’t put money on it. One has to (at least) hope that Gallows / Anderson won the Bloody Money Battle Royal for a plan and AJ Styles currently not having a place on the card is a good sign for The Good Brothers. Gallows/Anderson replies and wins via Styles interference (the mystery opponents being a valid excuse for The Viking Raiders to lose having not had the time to prepare). This could go either way, but I’m backing WWE to do the less complex decision and have The Raiders retain

Prediction: Viking Raiders Retain

Those are our WWE TLC Predictions, what are yours? Feel free to leave them in the comments!