So the final PPV of the year is here, WWE TLC! We’re over this year already but hopefully we can be a bit successful. Of course, with the pandemic a lot of partners are not taking bets, but a few are! Hopefully over the next month with the Royal Rumble people will begin to take bets, so here are our WWE TLC 2020 Betting Tips.

WWE TLC 2020 – Betting Tips

First off, we’re going for “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt to beat Randy Orton. It feels like Wyatt vs Orton is probably one of those matches I’ve seen a million times and therefore not really interested. I do guess that there’s a minor bit of intreague with heel Randy and borderline face Bray. Anyway, feel that Bray should win. The best odds you can find is 7/20 in the UK with 888 Sport & 1/3 with & internationally.

Next up I’ve gone for The Men’s Money in the Bank to Not be Cashed In. I don’t feel there’ll be a cash in wold work here, although Drew/AJ Styles has been linked with the Miz/JoMo storyline, I don’t think there’ll be a cash in here. THe best odds you can find is 4/9 in the UK with 888 Sport. This bet is not available internationally.

Up next is Reigns vs Owens to be under 4.25 star rated. Owens is solid and Reigns is on fire, but 4.25 is a lot of stars, and a TLC match doesn’t tend to lend itself to the kind of classic matches they have. It should be good, but 4.25 is very high. The best odds are 13/10 in the UK with 888 Sport. This bet is not available internationally.

Finally, I’ve gone for The New Day to beat The Hurt Business. I’m not sure what’s happening with each of those teams, as the focus of The New Day has been on Big E, but with him as one of the favourites for next month’s Royal Rumble, I feel like having a strong New Day may tell a story in the Rumble. The best odds for this are 7/5 in the UK with 888 Sport and 3/2 with & internationally.

WWE TLC 2020 – Match Bets

Here are the best odds for the remaining matches:-

Some International bookmakers are region locked, so be sure to check out International Wrestling Betting Partners.

Those are the best odds for all matches, what do you have? Please leave your betting tips in the comments!